Sorry in advance for shouting but INFINITY TRAIN IS OUT AND IT’S AMAZING OMG


It’s 10 11-minute episodes, and I would be perfectly happy if that’s all there ever was or will be. Not because it was bad (it’s not!), but because it did what it set out to do beautifully, and I don’t think there’s anything more that needs to happen there. I’m overjoyed that they got a full season, and I adore that this is what they chose to do with it.

In this world of sprawling epic sagas of endless scope and scale, having something called “Infinity Train” go from a delightful tone piece of a pilot to a magnificent novella of a short, single season arc is delightfully incongruous. It’s left me completely satisfied, while also leaving me with a ton of questions that I honestly hope remain unanswered forever.

It’s very, very good, in part _because_ it’s finite, and you should absolutely watch it.

@alahmnat it is so good, it feels like a thesis of the adventure time legacy now that adventure time has ended and steven universe is ending. like this is what we learned, this is the kind of series we learned how to make.

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