I mean, tell me you can't picture the fucked-up post card Waldo would write from The Garden of Earthly Delights. Bonus: can you find his walking stick?

No? Just… no. That’s definitely not something I’d want to have to drive to others playing.

Oh my word. The latest round of Telegram stickers I got includes this absolutely _adorable_ gem. Art once again by @/CurioDraco on Twitter.

Hey snouts! I'm back from a weekend at Glacier National Park.

Y'all, this place is *AMAZING*!

I've set up a new site for The Archiver, a community fan news magazine I produced with other members of The Cavern Today back in 2007-2008. It covered community news, as well as happenings and goings-on in Myst Online during the GameTap days. Check it out!


Scrounged up enough money to go see Detective Pikachu last night. Definitely glad we got to go, it was a lot of fun. So happy there’s finally a video game movie that isn’t a hot mess.

Decided to be a dork and snap a photo in PoGo after we left, and the cheeky bugger photobombed his own picture.

TFW you realize you can upgrade to a new(er) release of Substance Designer because your perpetual license came with a full year of upgrades and support.

Captain Marvel spoilers(ish) 

We're so close to getting funded! Help us get there and support a great indie studio making best-in-class adventure games! kickstarter.com/projects/12522

Just for giggles, I loaded the Bevin scene file from Uru into the mockup of the Cavern I've been working on. This is the 1st person view from the balcony, as well as an overhead shot.

Keep in mind, the Cavern is 6 miles by 10 (this is a big scene), and Bevin is twice as far away from the Great Zero point here as it is in Uru. Vertical offset from the GZ and angle are the same.

I like this view a lot better.

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