At last, my Myst Book from the 25th Anniversary Kickstarter has arrived!

I’ve done it. I’ve found the worst closed caption sound effect. (Clone Wars S02E08)

I only got 11 clamperls today, but I managed to lucksack into a shiny anyway.

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Hey @Gargron, I have a minor UX complaint: the Avatar and Header fields on the "Edit profile" page are flipped from their placement on the left, so they're visually associated with the wrong thing.

Oops, I guess I jinxed it last night when I remarked on what a comparatively mild winter we’ve had so far.

It's based on this render, which originally appeared in the 1996 Myst calendar:

My brain decided that this needed to be made, like, NOW. So here it is. Done in Sketch.

Is it giraffe posting time? Okay.

I made this a while back. You can buy it on a shirt or a mug or whatever and I’ll get a couple bucks from Redbubble.

.@oscelot was missing being able to eat gingerbread, so I found a gluten free recipe for her and we made it tonight. Tasty tasty 😋

Greetings Snouts! I'm moving from .social 'cause y'all seem like a good bunch and being on the front-line instance was a little exhausting.

I'm a web dev by day and an enormous Myst nerd by night. I run the Guild of Archivists at and I've contributed art and expertise to the Myst universe's Unwritten RPG.

My primary 'sona is an arctic fox, but I also have a pony (Silvercloud) and an african wild dog (Zami).


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