I gotta say, mechanically the board game is a complete clusterfucking disaster, but it still amuses me just how literally it translates the concept of "puzzle game" into meatspace. "Competitive jigsaw puzzle completion" is just such a hilarious concept for a board game.


I've set up a new site for The Archiver, a community fan news magazine I produced with other members of The Cavern Today back in 2007-2008. It covered community news, as well as happenings and goings-on in Myst Online during the GameTap days. Check it out!


Speaking of and , this may be a bit of a long shot here, but if anyone has backups of old or obscure fan-created content, PLEASE DM me!

If you liked , Riven, or , or if you're a fan of , you only have a few more days to help Cyan kickstart their next project: Firmament. It's NOT VR-only, and there's a stretch goal for Mac and PS4 support, but without the base funding it won't go anywhere, so help out if you enjoy contemplative world exploration and want to see more of it in !


The visual style of the terrible, awful, wisely-aborted comics can probably be summed up as "Extremely 90s Comic Books Meets David Lynch's Dune". blog.by.alahmn.at/post/5215488

Hey fans, Cyan has added Mac, PSVR, and expanded language support to their Kickstarter as a $1.4M stretch goal! If you were holding off because of platform limitations, give it another look:


Speaking of and Cyan, if you haven't played yet, you should. It's very, very good.


Anybody who likes Myst, the developer is currently kickstarting a new adventure game called Firmament, and it looks rad:


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