LB: Amazing that I can still learn new things about these games after literally decades.

I gotta say, mechanically the board game is a complete clusterfucking disaster, but it still amuses me just how literally it translates the concept of "puzzle game" into meatspace. "Competitive jigsaw puzzle completion" is just such a hilarious concept for a board game.

I've set up a new site for The Archiver, a community fan news magazine I produced with other members of The Cavern Today back in 2007-2008. It covered community news, as well as happenings and goings-on in Myst Online during the GameTap days. Check it out!

Finally managed to track down the issues of The Archiver that I was missing due to stepping away from the Editor role for a few months. Need to get a simple site put back up on Guild of Archivists so they can be made publicly available again.

If you liked , Riven, or , or if you're a fan of , you only have a few more days to help Cyan kickstart their next project: Firmament. It's NOT VR-only, and there's a stretch goal for Mac and PS4 support, but without the base funding it won't go anywhere, so help out if you enjoy contemplative world exploration and want to see more of it in !

Tempted to do a Minecraft stream with the Mystcraft mod installed and call it MYNE.

Just for giggles, I loaded the Bevin scene file from Uru into the mockup of the Cavern I've been working on. This is the 1st person view from the balcony, as well as an overhead shot.

Keep in mind, the Cavern is 6 miles by 10 (this is a big scene), and Bevin is twice as far away from the Great Zero point here as it is in Uru. Vertical offset from the GZ and angle are the same.

I like this view a lot better.

Hey fans, Cyan has added Mac, PSVR, and expanded language support to their Kickstarter as a $1.4M stretch goal! If you were holding off because of platform limitations, give it another look:

Cyan, please give D'ni people more than one name. Or at least stop using the same name over and over again. This is just silly.

My brain decided that this needed to be made, like, NOW. So here it is. Done in Sketch.

On the off chance that my bedtime meds have made me even more brain-foggy than I think, could someone please proofread this while I fall down go boom?

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