@owashii the look of a man who knows exactly how much ham he’s about to eat and have fun doing so. It’s glorious XD

Still thinking about playing Destiny 2 as a charity stream event this weekend to raise some funds for our poor cat's sudden onset of medical problems… would that be a thing people would watch?

@a_puma01 It boggles the mind that they pick only the instruments that *least* fall inside the range of frequencies that are well-covered by phone audio compression so all you get is screeching wails. It feels like a dark pattern-y thing designed to get you to hang up.

Is there an enby-appropriate version of "boi"?

(Snouts-specific follow-up: is it "lucario?" ;))

*screaming* ah mah gahd lookit them, they're so cute! My first art of my AWD 'sona Zami and I love it so much!

🎨 : @/curiodraco :birdsite:

@Gargron content warnings. Great for all kinds of bad (news, politics, triggers) and good (spoilers, kinks, joke punchlines) things you just might not be up to dealing with today!

Hi, awhile back I spent a week on a road trip with my friends and a production crew. They ended up making this full on SHOW, which we are all genuinely proud of. I’d appreciate if you’d give Road Quest a look.


I kinda dig that the belief system of the Darkness in Destiny 2 basically boils down to "believing in Ayn Rand hard enough gives you magic powers".

It's a weird combination of Extremely Self-Important and Knowingly Absurd and somehow it works really well.

Destiny 2 is a lot of fun to play, and the backstory is really cool, but if you're not a Fan of Capitalized Words that are Used to express their Importance in the Lore, you're probably gonna Have a hard Time.

"ASMR" but pronounced the same way LoadingReadyRun pronounces "AskLRR".


Destiny 2 

@lunalapin The most recent is probably Half-Life 2, if I'm honest. Shooters generally don't grab me and I haven't really had a gaming rig in a small eternity, heh.

Hey Snouts, which class would you recommend for a first-time noob checking out the game on free-to-play?

I wish I could fave people's avatars on here.

fun reminder: not every nonbinary person is mystically androgynous or brightly genderqueer. just bc someone passes for cis doesn't mean they are

impending pet death, help needed 

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