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Ow. I tore the shit out of my fingernail and I have no idea how I did it.

The snouts local timeline can be a real hoot.

And not just 'cause there's owls. (Actually, *are* there owls? Shoutout if you're an owl!)

I genuinely love that Discourse here is about things like oatmeal, and not *gestures broadly at the entire rest of the goddamn world*

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I really hate being sick. *crawls back into bed*

I dunno why it took so long, but cookie companies have finally realized that people fucking love Samoas and I couldn't possibly be happier about being able to eat them year round.

YouTube needs a "play this playlist in reverse order" option. So many creators make playlists and put new stuff at the top, which I get, but it makes rewatching a series in chronological order *impossible*.

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How many more years d'you think it'll take for Apple to let services like Bandcamp add media to your music library on iOS?


is FREE on GOG for the next 34 hours. If you love games like Myst with oodles of environmental storytelling and atmosphere for days, GO GET IT. NOW!

You can't prove that t-rexes didn't gobble.

In other “hot takes about a 7-year-old area in ” news, I think the biggest problem I have with Orr’s maps is that under no circumstances do the ruins look like anything even remotely habitable. It’s just piles of asset pieces in seemingly random configurations, without any sorts of doors or logical floor plans. I just don’t get the sense that anyone ever actually lived here.

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