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It's based on this render, which originally appeared in the 1996 Myst calendar:

My brain decided that this needed to be made, like, NOW. So here it is. Done in Sketch.

Me, with my typical 2-day-late witty retort: “HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBERPOT OF SECRETS”

4 days ago: Lindsay Ellis posts a video about Death of the Author and brings up the awkwardness of J. K. Rowling's post-Potter lore proscriptions.

Today: Pottermore tweets that wizards used to shit on the floor at Hogwarts.

It's a bit on the wordy side, but Paul's salutation of "near and far, young and old, people of every shape, ability, and gender" at the beginning of LoadingReadyRun's semi-wheneverly Twitch variety show is probably my favorite inclusive "ladies and gentlemen" replacement.

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Boost this and I’ll assign you your very own animal side kick

(No bugs but yes reptiles)

"I'm getting an error" is the tech support equivalent of starting a conversation with "hi".

On the off chance that my bedtime meds have made me even more brain-foggy than I think, could someone please proofread this while I fall down go boom?

Sure do love paying for last year's CPAP supplies until August of this year…

Happy new year, snouts. I hope it treats you well.

Now to fall into bed. G'night!

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Remember how we thought we knew what Pluto looked like, but we actually didn't because we had been working off artists' renditions and some HST smudges? Then, all of a sudden, we had *amazing* high-quality, true color photos of that gorgeous thing with its eerie lack of color and surprise heart? <3

We didn't even know Ultima Thule existed five years ago. Here's what it looks like as I'm going to bed! Tomorrow we'll actually know for real!

So happy to meet this icy rocky planet-stuff baby. \o/

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I blame @mcmansionhell for getting me started on cross-stitch this year.

Not that I'm actually complaining. It's probably the cheapest hobby besides cloud-watching or leaf-pressing, and it's soooooo chill.

So, thanks Kate :)

Don't forget that New Horizons is ringing in 2019 with a Kuiper Belt Object flyby at 12:33 AM EST!

Every time I go back to Mastodon’s web UI, I find myself missing Toot!’s conversation rail maps.

The yellows aren’t quite as varied as they should be, but I didn’t have floss numbers to go off. Overall I think it came out really well for my first project.

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