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uspol, funny 

uspol, funny 

My Lucario in PoGo has the moves Counter and Power-up Punch.

He's a CPuP.

Hey snouts, we had a close family friend pass away very suddenly and unexpectedly a couple of days ago, and their family needs help with funeral costs. If you have a few bucks you can chip in, it'd mean the world to them and us. Thanks.

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I'm not saying you should try and take $125 from Equifax you're not strictly entitled to, because that would technically be fraud, and that's wrong.

What I am saying however is that a large corporation that stewards data designed to keep poor people poor and rich people rich should absolutely end up gouged for every cent they have, even if they hadn't allowed a data breach that could potentially ruin lives. ☕

*facepaw* After 4 months, the big office layout shakeup at work that nobody liked and everyone except upper management thought was stupid is probably going to get reverted, because of course it is.


Who decided to call it "central planning" and not "capitolism"?

Ugh, I forgot to refill my sugar bowl (the office no longer has communal sugar) so my tea is gonna be really plain today.

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Today may be the hottest day Europe has ever recorded 🔥 Please stay safe!

💚 Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
💚 Shower in cool water when needed and/or wash your hands and face
💚 The UV index is high. If you go outside, try to wear a sun hat and keep to the shade
💚 Avoid unnecessary strenuous activity
💚 Carry a fan if you have one, and don't be afraid to use it
💚 Hide inside supermarkets or shopping malls if you need to. Especially if they have fridges you can stand next to awhile.

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If you ever think for an instant that misogyny in gaming is new, remember that there was an uproar when the Queen was added to chess in Europe because she was a "powerful female figure".

Hey snouts! I'm back from a weekend at Glacier National Park.

Y'all, this place is *AMAZING*!

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"Illium" was another name for the city of Troy

"-ad" is a suffix that can be used to mean "the story of"

Therefore "The Illiad" is properly translated as; drumroll please...

Troy Story

It's only parkour if it comes from the Parkour region of France. Otherwise it's just "sparkling wallhax".

I've set up a new site for The Archiver, a community fan news magazine I produced with other members of The Cavern Today back in 2007-2008. It covered community news, as well as happenings and goings-on in Myst Online during the GameTap days. Check it out!

Oooh, I just had an extremely fun thought: getting a 2-sided keychain charm with my fox sona on one side and my wild dog sona on the other.

Today is definitely a "pls gib pets and ear scritches" kind of day.

Question for no reason in particular: how long would you say "a few minutes" is, and is it less than 30?

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