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Look ma, I'm in the comics! (top left, under the second "CLANG")

If you're not reading Tamberlane already, you should.

Is it weird that Visual Studio 2017 offers to turn off document restore as a way to speed up loading a solution, like it wouldn't take *longer* to get back to what I was doing by turning it off and having to re-open those files manually?

'Cause it feels weird.

Google in its infinite wisdom has informed me that the "Browse D'ni Word by Letter" table on this page is not mobile-friendly:

Trying to decide what the best way to reformat it is… I'm open to suggestions.

Lexicologists must be having a field day keeping up with Internet-culture expressions like "big mood", "galaxy brain", and "send tweet".

This post brought to you by me seeing another "[hot take] send tweet" post on :birdsite: and being fascinated that that phrase has a widely-understood non-literal meaning in that specific context.

So far I think my biggest gripe about Breath of the Wild is that there are no stables in the villages. They’re all in kind of inconvenient places, so it’s ultimately faster to just leg it most places.

Sometimes my mind boggles at how quickly Uru's netcode chokes on such a small scope of responsibility (tracking player movement & position, a handful of object states, and updating a few physics object positions) compared to the amount of computation that other MMOs seem to handle easily (NPCs, mob AI, combat, dynamic events...).

AAAAAAAAA I got sketches today for my latest Telegram stickers and they're so gooooooood omg.

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Video game culture 

The biggest challenge with working from home right now is not booting up the Switch and goofing off in Breath of the Wild all day.

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I didnt know about this, if you didnt either, now you do. :trans:

Spent yesterday largely flopped with my back on a heating pad hoping I don’t have a kidney stone. On the plus side, I finally started playing BotW and y’all, it’s like if they asked Hayao Miyazaki to make a Zelda movie, but it’s a game.

Work (-) 

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Today’s widget update part 2:

So something's going on neurologically. Vet's not going straight for MRI/CAT because treatment will be the same whether we get tests or not. We're to keep watching her for now. I have instructions on how to handle further attacks.

It's possible something just happened and she's going to recover on her own. If this only happens once more, and she's back to normal, we should be good. If they keep going and getting more violent, we’ll medicate with anti-seizure meds.

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So, today’s Widget update part 1:

Ok so, diagnostic summary: It's not likely a polyp/tumor or cancer in the brain. Her EKG and BP are normal/normalish so it's not a hypertensive/cardiac event. Her diaphram is a bit more upright than one would expect, but doesn't seem to be a problem. Her airways are pretty decent for a cat who's had asthma for a long time. Her thyroid came back normal. Radiology showed that her abdomen looked good, kidneys, bladder, liver, etc all looked good.

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the worst part of being an adult is how like, you definitely grow up to become about 60-70% of an adult, but that last 30% just isn't there, and never will be, it doesn't exist, it was just something adults pretended to have when you were a kid so that you (and they) felt like they were adults

vet bills, help needed 

vet bills, help needed 

Money, vet bills help 

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