Finally sitting down and listening to Crema Binaria and I still don't even know how the hell Chibi-tech's production is even real. Every time she releases *anything* it raises the bar of what I thought was possible in VRC6.

LB: I unsurprisingly own every one of my partner's books but YOU probably don't and now you can!

Ebook giveaway 

Back in the land of “it’s not -8 degrees C anymore” or as I like to call it “remotely tolerable weather” ;3

Sitting at BOS after a too-short visit to @Proxy. Part of me feels like I should basically never let a three day weekend go by without making plans like this, considering how nice and cozy this weekend was.

At the very least, I could definitely afford to spend more time with the people I care about.

irl lewd shitpost? 

Flight update: “At The Airport Terminal” is still stuck in my head and probably will be for the next several hours.

🎶at the airport terminal the planes are landing


Headed to MA (where it is cold) to hug @Proxy (who is warm), hoping this pair of activities balances out well for me. :)

Me: “metamour” Phone: “metamorphosis?”

Me: “metamour” Phone: “metallurgist???”

I just finished watching Bojack Horseman and now I'm going to go hug myself.

I opened FA and the first post in my watchlist was titled "happy halloween", so I...guess I don't really look at FA much anymore, huh?

In Love With A Ghost's music is *great*, but also, damn, these track titles are a bit of a Mood.

Just spent five minutes debugging the fact that I'd typed "statues" instead of "statuses", AMA.

Throwback Thmonday to this Joy Formidable track, which is one of my favorite album openers of the last ten years.

"I really liked MCR back in the day, maybe I'll go to their reunion show LOL NOPE"

TIL that there's a metal band named Shakra, who PROBABLY do not have Shakira as a member, but now I want to hear some death metal band cover Hips Don't Lie.

I really need to convince this recruiter that starting sentences with "herewith" just makes them sound weird, and doesn't make them more binding or legal or anything like that.

Kinda random tech news, but Emoji 13.0 has been officially finalized, meaning that we get (among ~60 others) the trans flag emoji (🏳️‍⚧️, which may not render here at all :p)

(the full list is here:

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