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important news: ΰΈ…^β€’ο»Œβ€’^ΰΈ…

Barbie Girl plays in the dsistance while you are in a wet cave heavily occupied by rats

is german a language or is it an encoding

stares at gymmat in the corner

not today, new pal, not today

internetinternetinternetinternetinternet give me the internet

my poor phone doesnt want to tether anymore

kink, puphood 

@andre hmmm i think we both know you're the good puppy here

Ps I updated my ko-fi because I'm gonna start doing some stuff on there again. Support me if you wanna, but my art/music/cute smile will always be free:

i installed a laundrymachine all by myself and neither me nor my bathroom is flooded. i'm a big puppy now


i just jerked off for a solid 30min and forgot i was getting my laundrymachine delivered so i came at the same time my doorbell rang

i need a laptop and one of those tray thingies so i can play DF in the bath

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