wholesome and positive toots make me uwu so hard y'all 🥺🥺🥺

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@andre Aaaa! Gee, thanks Andre, I can’t believe I fell asleep at my desk!

having trouble staying awake? book the random bark service from me today for free

i'll come and bark at u at random intervals so you don't sleep at work

kink, destruction :( 

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i retried this toot 4 times to rotate the img so y’all can correctly appreciate the cute cats >:C

We’re home 10min and the cats are already on the roof of our car :3

mh negativity 

meet me in the basement in 20 min for a "wet" "nap"

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Here’s something you won’t learn from National Geographic: coyotes love to shop

whenever my bf isn't paying attention i grab his phone and set all his apps to dark mode. he doesn't like dark mode. i feel this is a public service from me

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i struggle trying to say “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” cuz my brain tries to smooth it out into “Part Blart Mart Cart” every single time

*wears a t-shirt saying “i was there - bad meeting #2039”*

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