(Present) I yeet
(Past/Imperfect) I was yeeting
(Past/Perfect) I yote
(Pluperfect) I have yought
(Future) I will yeet
(Future perfect) I will have yought

thee who not have yought shall yeet first

make a future perfect sentence about yeeting i dare you

about to be yote back to bed after making that post tbh

real glad this is my most popular post this far
real glad

@andre I will have yought this empty can by the time you finish your story.

@TomYote thank you for turning this post into something less cursed


I've also heard someone use 'yoten' before. Is this incorrect?

@UnclearFuture as a professor of international yought,,
i have no clue

@andre Long have I sought your wonder, but now I have yought and for all the things I wrote, I shalt only yote.

@andre (I really shouldn't make shitposts in Photoshop while at work)

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