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I have a history of choosing hard to pronounce online screen names so I jusy want y'all to know:

It's pronounced ayy-pow and not a pow

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Hi! I'm A-Pow. I'm a musician and I have a lot of other interests. They are:

Long distance running, skateboarding, music (literally anything), cartoons, video games, traditional/card games and probably more that I can't think of!

I reply to a lot of people because I like making friends. If I'm overbearing please tell me! Also tell me if I fail to cw any sensitive content!

I hope you have a great day :)

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this stuff glows so much it's ridiculous

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The joke about that selfie is that my eyes are closed but I accidentally cw'd it eye contact

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Army crawling on my cousin's floor to get to the bowl of doritos

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the chillhop 24/7 lofi hip hop radio raccoon is my fursona

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*slams into the earth from space, landing in a cool crouched pose*

Hey what's up friends

The vibe here at my cousins tonight is really strange and I would like to go home 😎

Thinkin of all the cool noises I could make using my mouth

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Hey guys, I'm doing my first request stream! If you wanna hop in, looks like I'll be drawing some delta rune first!

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