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There is no such thing as an adult. It is literally a myth created so people think that *someone* actually knows what the fuck they're doing


Truth. The "adult" is an unattainable ideal and nearly nobody really has a firm grip on whatever the fuck they are doing. Realizing that "the grownups" running the show are terrified children who grew old was quite the blow...


Likewise, there is no clear marker to "adulthood" beyond the rites of passage we invent and the expectation that, with age, people fuck things up with decreasing frequency and increased responsibility whenever they do.

That's already quite the tall order 😜

@apow it’s important though. i realized this the other day when a kid came up to me distressed. they need to believe in adults.

Also: growing older is a constant process of realizing how stupid you were when you were younger.

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