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Hi! I'm Argyle, a 37-year-old Canadian trans woman who's into endurance running, werewolves, and writing spooky/funny fiction. I live near Vancouver. I'm a lesbian who married the perfect woman 13 years ago. By day I'm a frontend dev & I love pivoting what I've learned there into weird programmatic art projects. I edit the collaborative WEREWOLVES VERSUS anthology and run I love that good good McElroy content and despise cilantro. This has been my !

I'm not sure if "taur with each of those on a pair of their legs" is more powerful or just cursed

skirt and hosiery from the first lady + roller skates from the second lady = unstoppable power

I got a subtoot that legit made me tear up and walk around rubbing my face saying "aw jeez"

*consulting the ancient runes*
Hm. This must be a word that does not translate to our language. Bofa? What could this mean? What is bofa?
*the temple shakes and shudders rhythmically, almost like it is breathing, perhaps, dare I say...laughing?*

How Many Times Can I Put On Deodorant Before Realizing I Already Did It Five Minutes Ago But Then Just Stood There Zoning Out For a While: A Morgan Story

I like my legs

They can RUN and KICK and bash their way through a hollow-core DOOR and also turn heads on the STREET and on the TRAIN

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I’m Sax Russell and I’m Ann Clayborne but I wish I was Nadia Cherneshevsky

If you liked Gizmo better than the gremlins, you’re a cop

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My points? Well, you know they're moot, baby

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