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About me:

1) I’m trans and gay
2) I was born to write
3) I love to run
4) I’m dumb as shit
5) I’m doing my best

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Hi! I'm Argyle, a 37-year-old Canadian trans woman who's into endurance running, werewolves, and writing spooky/funny fiction. I live near Vancouver. I'm a lesbian who married the perfect woman 13 years ago. By day I'm a frontend dev & I love pivoting what I've learned there into weird programmatic art projects. I edit the collaborative WEREWOLVES VERSUS anthology and run I love that good good McElroy content and despise cilantro. This has been my !

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If I were building an air-cooled reactor with a graphite moderator and horizontal fuel channels, and I wanted to avoid the Windscale fire, I would simply account for the Wigner energy in advance, and make the fuel canisters extremely strong and slippery.

Please let people post happy things about their life without responding in an envious or bitter way

A lot of us are just trying to scrape together a good life out of a hard world and having someone shit on your good news and try to change the topic to caretaking them takes so much wind from the sails of a good mood

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@AaronLMGoodwin @ahuster oops I guess I'm still one episode behind! The enjoyment still stands!

@AaronLMGoodwin @ahuster Also, Aaron, if you would like to re-open an exploration of your Big Dog-sona, I can send you an invite to this very nice furry and furry-adjacent instance I'm on

WHOMST shall furnish me with a small futon and a blanket, that I may NAP FORTHWITH

@AzureHusky I have to admit that when I posted this I was thinking "I hope Azure sees this – everyone knows her, everyone likes her, she probably has a 20-something trans masc realtor in her local friends network who specializes in this stuff"

Does anyone have a London, Ontario - area realtor they can recommend? We are trying to lease something – house, townhouse, trailer, whatever – in August or September that's big enough for three very queer people, three cats, and a small dog. and we keep getting shown the same eight no-pets-allowed condos by the realtors we've contacted. We need someone in the biz who can give actual help from over here in BC!

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‪Killian in the streets, Susan Crushbone in the sheets ‬

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Outfit help please! Do I wear the black top with skirt and tights, or the strappy summery blue dress?

Considerations: it's going to be 31°C in the sun, but I only have to be out in it for a total of about 30 minutes today, and the conference theatre is air conditioned and there's lot of water. The skirt outfit makes me feel sexy + cute, but the blue dress is breezy, comfy, and does not require a bra.

I'm gonna go shower – please figure this out for me!

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