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Hi! I'm Argyle, a 38-year-old Canadian trans woman who's into endurance running, werewolves, and writing spooky/funny fiction. I live in London, Ontario. I'm a lesbian who married the perfect woman 15 years ago. By day I'm a frontend dev & I love pivoting what I've learned there into weird programmatic art projects. I edit the collaborative WEREWOLVES VERSUS anthology and run I love that good good McElroy content and despise cilantro. This has been my !

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About me:

1) I’m trans and gay
2) I was born to write
3) I love to run
4) I’m dumb as shit
5) I’m doing my best

Frankly it's transphobic that the government and the medical establishment are keeping me from accessing the meds I need to obtain the body that truly reflects who I am:


big snarly werewolf, eye contact 

‪I finally unpacked and set up most of the goofy toys and figurines I’ve collected or been gifted over the years. Rules in effect:‬

‪1) no video game characters (Leon was grandfathered in)‬

‪2) no ‘41 Universal Wolf Man, ever ‬

‪3) two Funkos get sold off for every one that enters‬

Are a litl creacher? Can you not change thise?

You may be entitled to compensation.

selfie, no ec but lots of eyes on the dress, boosts+++ 

Autism vent, jokey self-harm 

All dropping my pen in the tub at the spa and making a podling reach in and get it

If I was a Skeksis I’d be SkekScri, known as The Writer. I’d carry around a bunch of leather-bound books filled with blank pages, and a pen so elaborate that it looks like a vape rig, and I’d never write anything. And that’s... my Skeksona.

Big fan of everyone showerposting today. Keep up that good sudsy work 🚿✅

exercise +++, dysphoria 

exercise +++ 

why don't my hands have big curved yellow sharp nails and ruffs of coarse grey fur around the wrists

Boards of Canada's "XYZ" finally got an official clean release three days ago, after appearing on John Peel's radio show *once* in 1998. This track is so fuckin' good.

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