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hi im ashii

i do arts. i play video game. i post

i draw a lot of weird sfw fetish stuff.

my FA gallery is here

and if u ever wanna sling some cash my way, here's my kofi

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im just saying if gods real turning me into a pokemon dog would be a real real good way of showing it

nut up or shut up, god

shout out to that one time our healer wiped a turn 7 attempt by freezing everyone in melee range of the boss due to auto turn

less than a minute into the pull

the only jojo character i like is the one with red hair that just looks like a knockoff yu yu hakusho character

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just heard about midday lycanroc damn that shit sucks

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I nabbed a sketch page from @[email protected] and I LOVE!!! she came out so nice ;3

I nabbed a sketch page from @[email protected] and I LOVE!!! she came out so nice ;3

my third eye opens up my name is a bastardization of ocean dog and im a pooltoy dog rn

altho the inu in my name is for dog so........

lycanroc is just Me so i dont know a good name for her

i think dogshii/ashiidog is cute

just found out the old dude who wanders around our city in a fursuit is ex law enforcement and he does it as a job to advertise for random people as his fursona. he made about 50 shitty puns in the 4 minutes he was around me

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