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hi im ashii

i do arts. i play video game. i post

i draw a lot of weird sfw fetish stuff.

my FA gallery is here

and if u ever wanna sling some cash my way, here's my kofi

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If you win a match with All Out Attack it shows the finale image as the result screen like it does in P5

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nintendo youre charging me for your servers can they please work

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some hella powerful art i got from DroseAttack and JayEcho (both on twitter) at MCFC last weekend!!

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every time i see a good renamon oc i regret giving sierra the floaty wings instead of the normal renamon spine thingies

might sleep after work till smash updates but if I cant I may try to draw sergal secta

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SPEAKING OF MAD SCIENCE: here's a piece i just finished for @phenokage , featuring their character Christine and @ReadingRidley 's character Keridwen!

just think of all the applications this research has outside the lab! if, er, these two can even GET outside the lab... #nsfw

joker will protect me from the urges to take comms for anno 1800

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