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hi im ashii

i do arts. i play video game. i post good

i draw a lot of weird sfw fetish stuff.

my FA gallery is here

and if u ever wanna sling some cash my way, here's my kofi

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im glad i broke my "no legendary pokemon sonas" with giant tiddy lugia ngl

i got a comm wip that has secta sitting on her tail like its a chair because its that damn thick and god thats how i wanna live my life

waiting for blizzard to announce that Zenyatta is non-binary so I can just instantly fucking die. just right there. disintegrate into ashes.

everyone's saying good things about anthem so far and I am pleasantly surprised

the cool thing about beating kingdom hearts 3 is trying not to choke up and cry on the last part of Don't Think Twice

how do I become a popular streamer that doesn't use mic and doesn't webcam

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i got an amazing headshot from @Technojara look at herrrrrrrrrrrrr omg πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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tj's designing an outfit for secta and im so hype

look forward to my Mirage Master Class, where i will teach you how struggling to say 'bamboozle' and slamming the Q key in firefights will win you games

i cant tell if im actually good with videl or if people arent familiar with her enough

i miss having zamasu on my team but the gohan counters are extremely good for catching people off guard

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