@ashiinu this might be the best bethesda model i've literally ever seen

@Caste ESO's khajiit are actually *really* good. It's actually got an artstyle (and no genderlocked outfits!)

Oh and Bethesda still has shitty Khajiit, since another studio did these beauties

@SuperCee I love, love, love that they're finally not "g*psy" stereotypes and actually have a culture beyond that in ESO.

Like, ffs, Bethesda, why is every single Khajiit in your games a thief, drug dealer, or both?

@Cables oh geez you're right i had totally forgotten about that in the regular games. Yeah there feels like actual societies with them now! I love that.

@ashiinu The Khajiit have had a steady progression, and it looks like this is continuing.

@rockario @ashiinu wait, they used to just be humans with masks?

@FuchsiaShock @ashiinu The original game was like. "these people are allegedly descended from the mighty desert cats, and paint their faces to match"

Now the canon justifies it with moon phases affecting what a khajiit looks like so they don't have to ret-con anything.

@FuchsiaShock @ashiinu More like some get born under the boring moon and have to live in the cat-people society as fancy wood elves.

@ashiinu are they making an elder scrolls / assassin's creed crossover?

@ashiinu This is for the same reason we don't get moonforms in mainline games

Because bethesda are COWARDS.

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