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Hey, I've made a userstyle for web mastadon to widden the columns and un-crop the image previews!
It's pretty hacky and some stuff looks ugly/misaligned but you might also find it useful if you find the browsing experience bad with this ui.
I've also done a similar change for tweetdeck!

I should also post here, here's an alternate one that's *just* the widened columns!

Thanks to for prompting me for this one. 👍

Also for either of them: if you want different values the width and media-height variables are right at the top so, should be pretty simple to tweak.

OH HEY and big recommend for the Stylus browser plugin rather than Stylish which userstyles recommends, Stylish got caught up in some nasty user tracking stuff a while back.

@azuruff any chance you could upload a version that doesn't uncrop the images for those who dont mind it or even for those on an instance where that's already a feature baked in?

@Juju Yeahh, it's all opt in now but hey; why use the plugin that'll pester you to share data when you could use something just as good that doesn't (and without the shady track record!)

@azuruff I'll take hacky over the default everything being the tiniest! Thanks

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