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*two unrelated neurons in my brain suddenly make a fleeting, harebrained connection* ah, a post

there may be a zone for taurs, but taurs should not be merely contained within that zone

it's taursday, friends: give it a try

to play space station 13
you must first learn to ctrl+f

it's all downhill from there

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when you wanna be affectionate but the first "hug" sticker in your telegram sticker list is

pretty sure @garrcanine is correct

my pokesona is a big mass-pokeball-opening-in-a-teleporter-accident

I'd totally be a big awful typhlosion(taur) tbh

fucked up that i got the new sweet bro and hella jeff book

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let's share the pain with the whole world, my friends

my promise to you: if you make a bad post that hurts, i will gladly assist in making it worse

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