if you don't have HUGE NECK POOF then what are you even doing

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ko-fi, square, help requested, wordy 

what if bappin is just the perplexing and cicada-like resurfacing of theactivists

just thinking out loud here

sghbgdf can't sleep and still thinking about this thing that happened

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Getting banned from the ropeway enthusiast forum at the age of nine for posting awful takes about Janek Kunczynski's incredible decision to weld together the bullwheels of chairlifts in ski resort parking lots,

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*two unrelated neurons in my brain suddenly make a fleeting, harebrained connection* ah, a post

there may be a zone for taurs, but taurs should not be merely contained within that zone

it's taursday, friends: give it a try

to play space station 13
you must first learn to ctrl+f

it's all downhill from there

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when you wanna be affectionate but the first "hug" sticker in your telegram sticker list is

pretty sure @garrcanine is correct

my pokesona is a big mass-pokeball-opening-in-a-teleporter-accident

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