crossposted from birdsite but i have two adoptables up for sale!

asking 22 usd for the ferret and 35 usd for the unicorn! @ me if interested!!!! buyer will receive full res image!

this dairy free ranch i got tastes like miracle whip

finally getting the hang of this pescetarian thing!!! hoping to eventually go full blown vegetarian eventually

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Anyone here going to the New Years Furball in Newark Delaware have a room for one? Bed space preferred, I got a suit. I'm easygoing I got money and I'm housebroken. RT/boost plz

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Is a bad strain of weed "The Devil's Foot Lettuce?"

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clip studio paint is such a fun program

drawing and relaxing in a coffee shop is so therapeutic

shrivels up from embarrassment bc i forgot to use a cw the first time

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