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Life's but a sneaking trashthief, a soft player,
That struts and frets their hour upon the stage,
And then is heard to snore. It is a tale
Told by a possum, full of yell and smelly,
Signifying brushy :ms_opossum:

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hi new posters! im brushy and im Kind Of A Small Deal Around Here :possum_rawr: 📏

i like motorbikes and poetry and hiphop and furry stuff and wildlife veterinary medicine and other things too,

somewhere in between those interests is a tiny poss that tends to be a little too stinky ( :cannabis_leaf: ) and otherwise loves being lazy in pjs all day with their husband @masanbol and making awful silly shitposts

i write under and i use for my 50cc posts! hi!!! :ms_opossum:

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pleas give head pat. one. one tiny one, a pat pat. with fingy


THIS motherfucker has mastered the basics of CQC and there’s NOTHING you can do about it

av changed!! in anticipation of sharing a new ref sheet for brushy done by friend @TrashCorgi :yell: :yell: :yell:

when you gotta get all your drunk friends home

sandman lyrics joke, (unfair) intergenerational loathing, jobs (i know i know this is a bad one) Show more

that the three caballeros are poly and pansexual is not even subtext. its basically text. this is from an official production cel

this parrot manages to charm the pants off donald duck, the least amenable living thing in the western hemispere.

Jose is cool, confident and collected. he's the best bisexual representation the world has ever had

just look at the confidence with which he wields his conspicuously phallic accessories

y'all dream of having a boyfriend as charming, as confident, and as dashing as Jose fucking Carioca

look at this motherfucker, gettin plastered with his date on caipirinhas without a care in the world.

remember your javascript comparison operators:
a = b : assignment
a == b : loose value equality
a === b : typed value equality
a ==== b : loose moral equality
a ===== b : social value equality
a ====== b : inverted outer non-equality
a ========== b : ten-foot-pole equality

mental healthcare in this country is so fucked. i went to see a doctor about my bipolar disorder and he told me to see some dang clown???? like really???

some injokes aint that funny i m h o and are getting used to silence discussion sincerely so hey gentle self care suggestion,

(feel free to sub in the meme or metapost that really ruins your experience here - i know it's different for every single person here, but seriously the filter feature owns hard here)

*on tour with a huge National Treasure fan*

Here I am
On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
Here I go
Playing the star again
There I go
Nicholas Cage

:possum: maybe u will have better luck at our genius bear
:ferret2: don't you mea-
🐻 helo

:possum_rawr: helo welcome 2 the snout store how can I help u
:ferret2: this snout I bought is too big, it's practically a snoot
:possum_rawr: that's terrible!! Unfortunately we're all out of smaller snouts, we'll have 2 order one in 4 u
:ferret2: but what about that snout you're wearing
:possum_rawr: this is a display model, it is not 4 sale
:ferret2: well okay I want to speak to your manager
:possum_rawr: okay one second
:possum: helo

poetry, parental abuse survivorship, memento mori -/++ Show more

that was a raw freakin poem i just wrote and it hurts less to see it outside of me than in, but i don't blame Anyone for that not being their cup of tea

shoutouts if you had a bad dad. if you had a good dad tell em you love em extra for me because they're so special. 💚

poetry, parental abuse survivorship, memento mori -/++ Show more

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