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new posters and old: have you considered following Alt Text Reminder? @alt_text

its a bot made by my pal @soft_chomps that reminds me when i get so excited to post i forget alt text for my images. it dms me quietly and doesn't sound pushy at all about it too!

if you're having a hard time adjusting to the format of posting here, this can help - and honestly it helped me just now, months in, so i still need it!

either way i hope you have a good time here! love, sleepy opo :ms_opossum: 💚

@brushy Alternatively, if your instance is using GlitchSoc's fork of Mastodon, check for this setting (it'll have to be set in each browser separately)

@ben @brushy that's such a cool feature damnnnn yet another software to try out. Any idea if glitch-soc is a drop in replacement for mainline?

@cattebune @brushy It has a superset of mainline features and code, so you'll need to run the database migrations, but I'm pretty sure mainline won't have any trouble running with those changes afterwards.

In any case, make a database backup before upgrading.

Also, GlitchSoc has "flavors", and you can pick (as a user) between Mastodon's appearance and GlitchSoc's appearance and some features are only available in the GlitchSoc version (but you can switch freely between them at any time).

@ben @brushy noice, I'll have to have a go once I get bored of pleroma :P

@ben this is really neat! i don't know what we're running, haha, i'm just a wee post babey

i'm boosting it tho to give people more ideas about how to post more considerately

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