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i know lots of us are fans of soft boys. my husband is a v soft ott and i love them to death

but i want to give a shoutout to all my sharp girls out there, shark-like, bones only existing as mere suspension for muscle and sinew, sharp angly girls who are machines that channel energy into work, girls who work and play hard, girls who love hard. mad love and respect for all yall. you're killing it (sometimes literally crushing it between your thighs)

followup: also this goes out to the sharp boys and the soft girls and everyone in between too who are trying to get snug as a bug in their chosen spaces too! you're all heckin valid, wherever you are with gender and Firmness!

@brushy i am including myself as a sharp nb friend in this, because same

@brushy i am pointy on five ends but they're retractable points for a reason!

@brushy i like to believe that as a transfemme enby catgirl i exist in the middle between soft boy and sharp girl

i'm very fluffy but i also have claws and fangs

@Proxy the duality of soft and sharp is at the heart of possum nb id

:ms_opossum: we so sof.. but when we yell... watch out :possum_rawr: 😬

@brushy I live in an apartment with another dragon. He's the Softest Hard Boy, I'm the hardest Soft Boy.

@brushy i'm a soft boy outwardly because it feels comfy. on the inside, my soul is a collection of genders of varying texture

@gnarlyanimal god if this isn't the mood of the century i don't know what is. im sof and boy look outside. internally i'm more like a Continuously Variable Transmissus ™️

@Athru @LexYeen no!! lil sparrow need them eg to make litler sparrow...

get you a Big Egg :exeggutor_alola:

@Athru @LexYeen strictly speakin as a poss i love eg

quail makes great eg and we borrow one for a big meal sometimes

but sparow eg like a fat ended grain of brown rice. not extra nutritive. more like a goo pebble than a meal

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