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hi, I'm Karen (or Budgie)! I'm 34, female (she/her), poly and grey-ace. I'm a self-taught painter and maker of many styles and materials, but primarily manage a furry household and urban garden. I've owned small parrots for over 20 years. I bark and I know things!

My fursona Kaye is a female-presenting intersex shiba inu. I've been furry since 2003!

I post:
* illustration (furry, bird)
* photos (birds, food, nature)
* anime, games, music
* shitposts


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I've got a small collection of native mosses I'm cultivating to see which looks and grows the best indoors, so that i might be able to grow lush carpets for my potted plants and think about terrrarium arrangements

which moss is best moss? which moss is CUTEST moss? which moss is softest moss...? πŸ€”

i'm back on my pokemon bullshit again

(but she was never off of her pokemon bullshit)

sometimes i think about branching out into something like microRPG development but there's just so many indie games out there it feels like i'd be competing for attention that's already spread way too thin

If you're on Food Stamps or Medicaid: Show more

Thinking about how Kyoto Animation, in an avant garde move, reanimated the same episode 8 times and aired nothing but that for 8 weeks. They didn't just -reuse- footage. No. They REANIMATED the same episode 8 times with different camera angles, new clothes, slightly different scenes, and rerecorded voice lines. In the book, the timeloop the cast is stuck in is only like 30 pages. Originally it was planned for just 2 episodes but something in production got snagged so they just...did Endless 8s.

You ever think about Haruhi Endless 8s

they're selling ice coffee at wendy's and all they do is stir in frosty mix and call it the frosty-cino

I at least expected an ice cream float situation, but it did say ice coffee, 3/10 for ambiguous advertising/naming and high price for what it is

today my primary accomplishment has been: drawing a pillar

it is not a good pillar, but it fits with the style

oh yeah put that acoustic guitar DIRECTLY into my right ear when everything else is in stereo, that's good sound mixing

i'm back on my pokemon bullshit again

(but she was never off of her pokemon bullshit)

today: move bean seedlings to garden, they're outgrowing the tiny plugs

also today: draw as much as humanly possible

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