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Kaye waits excitedly for the Catbus in Neo Nรผ Little Tokyo. She wants to pet it, or bark at it. She'll decide when it gets here.

8"x8", ink and watercolor

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hi, I'm Karen (or Budgie)! I'm 34, female (she/her), poly and grey-ace. I'm a self-taught painter and maker of many styles and materials, but primarily manage a furry household and urban garden. I've owned small parrots for over 20 years. I bark and I know things!

My fursona Kaye is a female-presenting intersex shiba inu. I've been furry since 2003!

I post:
* illustration (furry, bird)
* photos (birds, food, nature)
* anime, games, music
* shitposts


Finished it up.
Silver wire, Zircons, Sapphires, and leather set in a copper and stainless steel exhaust gasket from an XT-600.

Yaori got fixated once she figured out how to do it, I'm not surprised it reminds me of a cargo-cult ARC reactor.

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elite dangerous 

i will admit that there are times that i leave elite dangerous open just for the spacedock ambience

If cyberpunk isn't real then how come a bunch of us have stupid haircuts, online alter egos we identify with more than our real names, alter our bodies and hate cops

elite dangerous arx 

You canโ€™t Alpha your way out of depression. You canโ€™t strong-arm your way out of loneliness and isolation. You canโ€™t Man Up your way out of the need to be loved and appreciated. Jordan Peterson is a grifter. Heโ€™s selling you snake oil manhood while he outsources his own emotional and medical ailments.

it's not even like rich people stuff anymore, you can build a workshop with small purchases over a year or two, or you can just look for a fuckin maker space nearby you and use all this shit for really cheap

i know "seize the means of production" is like a meme thing but also we've basically brought manufacturing to a level where you can do it in your house

welcome to the future motherfuckers


so i was looking for a CAD manufacturing alternative to solidworks because holy shit that's some serious money

turns out autodesk fusion 360 is 100% free if you're a hobbyist or startup making sub-$100k/year

here's some free CAD software yall

someone asked me if i wanted to put my map on a minecraft server and i'm thinking i probably will but hmm

small parrot with eating disorder, possible solution 

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