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It's finished! True story, by the way. It's only a minor roadblock, though.

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hi, I'm Karen (or Budgie)! I'm 34, female (she/her), poly and grey-ace. I'm a self-taught painter and maker of many styles and materials, but primarily manage a furry household and urban garden. I've owned small parrots for over 20 years. I bark and I know things!

My fursona Kaye is a female-presenting intersex shiba inu. I've been furry since 2003!

I post:
* illustration (furry, bird)
* photos (birds, food, nature)
* anime, games, music
* shitposts


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A new level in leaving passive aggressive notes for your housemates

Just look at these adorable proud foxies that TabbieWolf made. They are PRECIOUS!

TabbieWolf has a new Kickstarter that needs some love - Will plug it in a reply to this post.

The world will look up and shout, “Save us!” And I'll whisper, “haha yeah.”

just got back from the bird store with 2 pounds of fruity pellets (they don't have natural in the bulk foods silo), new cuttlebone-shaped mineral blocks, mango and papaya yogurt treats I *might* be able to use as training treats, a rough perch to trim the nails of birds who won't be handled, and a new hanging destruction toy

dang feather kids better appreciate this

the meme dog is still alive and is still a v good girl btw

Reminder that Sociopathy/Antisocial Personality Disorder is a medical condition.

Stop using sociopath as a slur on people who do unethical things.

Hey friends, my birthday is coming up and I'd like to buy a new tablet for art. Unfortunately I make $8.5USD/hr working at a mall kiosk and most of my income goes towards paying down debt (a lot of it from college) and full price medication as I have no health insurance.

If you'd like to give me a little gift,

If you contribute, DM the email you used (or other proof) and I'll make you a drawing. :)

#art #transartist #queerartist

There are over 800 Pokemon so why do I keep getting the same basic bitch Pokemon over and over in trades

This is some of the reason I'm doing a full Ark Pokedex - in breeding the best, others get a wonder trade surprise

hi sn00t pals!! Today is officially Norooz (Iranian/Persian New Year), so I’m heading back home to Salford to celebrate with my family.

The ancient Persian calendar begins on the first day of spring, and the vernal equinox is today at ~22:00 UK Time.

So I just wanna wish you all Norooz Mubarak (Happy New Year) - may you all be happy, healthy, successful, and prosperous!

elon musk's fursona should be a husky so we can call him musky husky @Sir_Boops

Game streaming services are such an incredibly bad idea not just from a technical point of a view but also for ownership rights. Everyone's trying to Adobe Cloud the shit out every day commodities and it fucking blows.

today i did the first work on my website in a while, I created a form that creates blog posts but it's pretty rudimentary and non-secured

For now, Gumroad is transparent, reasonable and not locked to a cycle of "we and our stockholders are greedy, let's take advantage of our userbase in whatever way we can!" like Patreon is.

Part of the reason I advocate for Gumroad instead of Patreon is because Gumroad's CEO appears that rarity--a CEO who can actually LEARN FROM MISTAKES.

Matcha seems happier 2 weeks in. Less angry staring, more floofing.

there's a special place for people who ask a very specific question on a forum and then follow it up only with "nvm fixed it"

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