Here's the black and white vectors - next is the colors and the content of the word bubble


I ended up changing the subtitle, but felt "Pokemon Hoarder" was worth a giggle anyway

@budgiebin I was just speculating about making ink from ashes yesterday, so I kinda want to read the rest of the rant! XD

@troodon I don't have anywhere near an exact recipe, but you need some proportion of animal-based glue and soot/ashes, and most have an incense or perfume to cover up odor.

It's an ongoing project, I just don't have the funds to drop on a box of rawhide treats right now!

@budgiebin first of all this is cute as hell

second of all i know exactly which video you're talking about

@budgiebin god same.... he really is the exact definition of chaotic good

@clipclopboom Thanks! x3 I offer them as commissions, but not officially just yet. I don't actually have a font for my handwriting - it's just manually placed letters. So they're time-consuming as heck to make right now but do let me know if you're interested down the line~

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