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ratboy bodyguard/mouseboy failson 

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follow policy on this alt 

the thing from Star Trek about how many lights there are but it's me looking at @Duende's lewds while reading their posts

@byttyrs I was like, "but it doesn't have a name!" except every single photo was searchable by typing in "starw" into the search bar

@byttyrs I was going though all of the mounds of art I have of it and thinking, "huh"

don’t cum at me with those weak ass loads bro

look, the blowhog isn't my fursona, I haven't changed a single feature about it from the original. if I were to have different colored eyes, then it would be a fursona. like, instead of red, maybe liiiike purple. see that would be a fursona.

mildly NSFW, kobold and gnome cooperation 

just said “hewwo” to a coworker on my first day so if someone could rewind time real quick that’d be cool thanks

Commission for Elias_Bigby of their cool Chimera character!

You can nab a commission spot here:

It’s the last one available for this batch!

#fediart #mastoart

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