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Periodic reminder to people who want bunnies in their lives. Do your research, adopt and be very patient with them and be willing to deal with a lot of grief from them. They look cute I know but you usually only see the cute stuff on the net.

They will bite, they will growl and grunt. They will suck to litter train. And they will chew anything they can.

If you're willing to take all that on? Probably will be the most rewarding animals you'll ever have the pleasure of looking after :3c :bun:

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I feel obligated to post my sona again cause I'm here now.

This is amber, they use they/xe pronouns and think you're very cute but are too shy to say

I officially know too many trans guys now. People keep saying packers at work (referring to people packing orders) and all I can picture is a dick on a desk.

alc, prayer 

Dad joke of the day: What's the average Jewish man's favorite drink? 

Animal crossing get, it's so precious and its making the household little very happy :3

I want to announce that last night our hamster bambi held my finger with her tiny hands and I almost cried

Lewd joke (non explicit image) 

Covid-19 --, vent 


Covid-19 + 

Kink. Mild nudity 

COVID-19, ph 

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