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There they are!!! It took me awhile but here's my little snout mascot. (Sorry for a re-upload, I noticed an error)

on that note, i really wanna learn how to draw hair, especially long hair. i'd love to experiment giving my sona different hairstyles

soon i will obtain my ultimate goal:

to be able to draw my sona... with CONFIDENCE

i've been drawing so much more lately and it feels great

geez dude iphone battery life is so pathetic. i need to get a replacement battery for this phone but surely it would cost more than the phone is worth at this point lol

aw geez i slept for like 12 hours. i need to get up and like try to be productive

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wow! who knew drawing from reference can actually help

who do i gotta pay around here to draw my fursona

drawing my sona earlier filled me with so much energy. i need to do it a lot more

here's a little twitter profile header i made for myself!

having a bunch of fun with this drawing! just need to add in the details and make some last adjustments

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