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With the smell of black powder linger,
the burn of fluid lingering on my lips,
With the comforting curves of fresh armor,
the review of this decade follows.

(Varied CW incoming, will do my best to tag.)

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I'm Ark! Poly/pan as fuck. Complete nerd to the highest degree, furry trash, & a total goofball. I do IT, tons of games, and kinetic arts. I'm just here to love, learn, help, and have fun. Spread the joy, y'all~

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Me, sweating: “shitgibbon”

Them: “...ok, that’s not even close to how you pronounce Worcestershire”

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You: "I can't wait to visit the Simpsons world in Kingdom Hearts"

Me: "Viacom has failed to produce a Star Trek / Looney Tunes crossover for decades and I am furious"

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#ModernTLOZ Meta Zoras make for good assassins. They are rather dexterous and silent as they move, as well as meticulous about making sure they do their job right the first time.

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🎨 silgiriya.mantsugosi @ FA

You don't mind if I just melt for a bit, yea? Cool. *puddle*

sega, give us chao garden for mobile devices

do it you cowards

d o i t

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