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With the smell of black powder linger,
the burn of fluid lingering on my lips,
With the comforting curves of fresh armor,
the review of this decade follows.

(Varied CW incoming, will do my best to tag.)

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I'm Ark! Poly/pan as fuck. Complete nerd to the highest degree, furry trash, & a total goofball. I do IT, tons of games, and kinetic arts. I'm just here to love, learn, help, and have fun. Spread the joy, y'all~

lewd shitpost 

I made a video essay about how Outer Wilds uses gameplay to convey its theme!

The World is Always Ending: Outer Wilds (video essay, spoilers) [15:05]

I'm really proud of this, y'all.

very big hugs

from very big cats

on the internet

i'm so glad snouts can come together in thhis troubling time to say "wow, apow is cute"

who decided to call it joke theft instead of refried memes


And the #commission is done for @XepherSicarius! Superhero realness going on right here. Did a little redesign on some of the details, but it's still him.

Gonna take a short break and then the #ArtStream continue!

RT @[email protected]

Another @[email protected] rig test! This time with our otter characters, I love the physics-based animation on the tail! 🌊


HOLY SHIT That's a lot of eyes! (Hypno, sinister) 

"It's that time of year again already?"

I purred, swishing my tail. The bell on my collar jingled delicately as I moved, because I wanted it to, otherwise I could stalk silently no matter how many bells were added.

"You know, at some point they'll figure out you're not a real Fursuiter."

I twitched my whiskers and flattened my ears. "Mreeeh," I grumped.

"Fine. Have fun, look out for werewolves doing this exact same thing."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #UrbanFantasy

HOLY SHIT That's a lot of eyes! (Hypno, sinister) 

"Nobody talks about the real reason to use Tabs over Spaces"

This is a pretty compelling reason. Esp. if you are writing open source code.

I can still smell the black powder and sulfur...

The smell of fear escaping as each unknown entity pops up, spewing whatever it contains.

I can feel the soot all over me, the burns, my feet ache...

Marks of progress, knowledge, and determination.

Happy 4th, y'all. Stay safe.

Is it just me, or are we taking a national holiday today to celebrate Hatsune Miku?

My fireworks no longer celebrate our freedom. They now represent my fight against those which would harm us.

Love conquers all, and there's plenty of milkshakes and guillotines for everything else. Stay safe, y'all.

Woo, extra day off.

-finds nearby sunbeam and sprawls while sucking on a Bulletproof coffee-

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