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With the smell of black powder linger,
the burn of fluid lingering on my lips,
With the comforting curves of fresh armor,
the review of this decade follows.

(Varied CW incoming, will do my best to tag.)

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I'm Ark! Poly/pan as fuck. Complete nerd to the highest degree, furry trash, & a total goofball. I do IT, tons of games, and kinetic arts. I'm just here to love, learn, help, and have fun. Spread the joy, y'all~

Okay, so with this new set of tweaks, I can either take a 59 average at Ultra, or locked 60 at High, which is still a very nice bit of quality for me, all right at 75C.

Think I'll roll with High; I'm still very happy with this simple loadout, and I can squeeze more performance if needed by tweaking some other bits.

Just did the first part of a PC clean out and re-autotune. Holy crap I'm getting some killer numbers now, and am running fresh benchmarks for Forza Horizon 4 and have already been able to step up two levels of detail. :D

remember that kingdom hearts is 100% canon in the Disney lore

How could I forget TIDALPUNK?????
-newest iteration of the solar/lunarpunk aesthetic
-marine biology
-your hair looking like a tropical ocean
-dressing in various shades of blue flowy things that make you feel like a lake
-your bathroom is coral themed? My entire house is ocean themed, get gud!
-water-based renewable power sources
-marine life preservation
-you can basically wear any color because marinelife is the mist diverse, but why can't you stop wearing blue?
-you wanna live on the beach/in a boat, but only because you can't live underwater.........Yet
-seaweed is life

From the Facebook page of the queer LGBTQ Seattle neopagan temple called Fellowship of the Phoenix

one I am proud and humbled to be apart of.


*takes a long whiff of the aether* excelsior my good gentletheys

@tom it's for security. because if you can't see it, you can't hack it, right?

i mean, tbh, i do like the kinda texture they used with the dithering kinda effect but hhhhhhhhnnnnnnnhngngnghngnhnhnhhhhhh camo access point

dodge rolling everywhere to get to places faster in kingdom hearts is hilarious to me cause i imagine sora actually doing that in between cutscenes

like after chatting with Leon or kairi or whomever he just. rolls away

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Good morning! Trying this Mastodon thing out, and I hope you're well out there.

You may not like it, but this is what peak male performance looks like

They/them pronouns should be normalized 👏

did you know that LGBT+ people are:
▪️ cute
▪️ good
▪️ omnipotent beings of pure power who will inherit the universe
▪️ valid

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