HOLY SHIT That's a lot of eyes! (Hypno, sinister) 

My fireworks no longer celebrate our freedom. They now represent my fight against those which would harm us.

Love conquers all, and there's plenty of milkshakes and guillotines for everything else. Stay safe, y'all.

poledancing, featuring OP (RL) 

vape (-) 

I will get this shit eventually! Figure I'll just start playing Expert+ on No Fail, and I'll get the patterns down in due time.

Progresssssssss. Not bad for post race, and a 1:30 improvement from my last run.

NSFW, post-pump selfie, bulge and male genitals 

holy shit, that's a big foxcat (WG) 


NSFW, obscenely hyper, birdsite link 


padding, selfie, ABDL directed at viewer 

Lewd, pumping, selfie, eye contact 

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