lewd shitpost 

DNS over magic card trick. Is this ypur A record?

birdsite, physical affection 

I made a video essay about how Outer Wilds uses gameplay to convey its theme!

The World is Always Ending: Outer Wilds (video essay, spoilers) [15:05]

I'm really proud of this, y'all.

very big hugs

from very big cats

on the internet

i'm so glad snouts can come together in thhis troubling time to say "wow, apow is cute"

who decided to call it joke theft instead of refried memes


And the #commission is done for @XepherSicarius! Superhero realness going on right here. Did a little redesign on some of the details, but it's still him.

Gonna take a short break and then the #ArtStream continue!


RT @[email protected]

Another @[email protected] rig test! This time with our otter characters, I love the physics-based animation on the tail! 🌊

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BillieBustUp/statu

Nsfw animation hosting (~) 

Psychedelics, drug use 

sexual, barely (open-ended toy query) 

sexual, barely (open-ended toy query) 

sexual, barely (open-ended toy query) 

HOLY SHIT That's a lot of eyes! (Hypno, sinister) 

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