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PSA for noise-sensitive folks and pet owners in the US re the 4th of July (OK to RT) 

Concrete milkshakes? Pshaw...

Let's amp it up.

Arc milkshakes?
Solar milkshakes.
Void milkshakes~

Keep at it, y'all!

starting a bondage session alright let's set up the rules

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL
"OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in
RFC 2119.

sub: "h-how do you do that with your mouth. the capitalization. the citation. wh—"

maintain eye contact with the code to assert dominance


Asking for help, kofi, boosts ok 

plural memes 

And yes, I plan to get more active over here. I do kinda like the vibe more~

poledancing, featuring OP (RL) 


would people want me to make the whole set of these?

Doing Beat Saber this morning! Mostly E and E+ to get used to more patterns, so come join!

walked into @DanQGoo while I was taking a stroll through the Purple Void and accidentally picked up the wrong species, how embarrassing!


LB: Morning bump because holy shit I'm gonna be carrying this energy for quite a while. <3

hey friends. it's time to post yourself as Orb. round posts only. i'll start

I feel like my biggest desire in life is taking part in a hobby and not having to feel second-hand embarrassment for other people who have the same hobby because they can't behave themselves

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