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S2 of Disenchantment is already really good

@jess @caymanwent je toote, tu tootes, il/elle toote, nous tootons, vous tootez, ils/elles tootent

Hey French mastodon: how do you conjugate the verb “toot”?

it you would like to achieve my posting prowess without the years of practice it took to obtain these skills you can accomplish it by falling down a flight of stairs and hitting your head on each step perfectly vertically like a Pogo stick

(guy about to invent halloween, holding a pumpkin) I'm gonna stab this thing

let us not forget the true meaning of halloween: violence against pumpkins

(gazing out from atop a lofty peak, contemplating the miracle of life, the sheer beauty of the natural world) im horny

(deep thinker voice) why am I here? what is my purpose? is there more to life than eating food and trying to get my peepee touched

For $29.99/mo you can subscribe to Cayman Platinum, where I will show up at your house and stare unblinkingly into your window

For $9.99/mo, you can subscribe to Cayman Pro, an exclusive content delivery service that allows you access to the most insufferable of my bullshit

eugen boosted my post so he now owes me USD $0.08 in royalties

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