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here's a couple of Caymans in a couple of different styles

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Anapa with Egyptian lute or Anapa with modern synth guitar?

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my life's goal, honestly, is to stand on a windswept bluff overlooking the ocean, buffeted by salty spray as I wistfully gaze towards the inky void with wizened eyes

If I haven’t yet made this abundantly clear, Jose Carioca can get it

y'all dream of having a boyfriend as charming, as confident, and as dashing as Jose fucking Carioca

look at this motherfucker, gettin plastered with his date on caipirinhas without a care in the world.

this parrot manages to charm the pants off donald duck, the least amenable living thing in the western hemispere.

Jose is cool, confident and collected. he's the best bisexual representation the world has ever had

just look at the confidence with which he wields his conspicuously phallic accessories

that the three caballeros are poly and pansexual is not even subtext. its basically text. this is from an official production cel

when I was a kid I'd get fun dip and just eat the sticks

crows are just funky little dudes........................... i love them

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