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You know you’re at the right theater if they ask if you want your junior mints chilled

tongue twister 

music posting 

The Books put me at peace in the weirdest way

don't know dingdiddlysquat about the new pokemon so I want people to show me some pokemon and I try to guess their names

thinking about how hard the music in octopath traveler goes, as one does

every time you pet a dog your fingerprints are transmitted to the biometric databases at Awoozon

“big dog” wants to make you a slave to the canine conspiracy with its insidious tricks

I love making fun of anprims cos none of those motherfuckers can respond to my posts.

alc mention 

thinking of the netflix death note movie but I don't want to mention it because I'll make wintgenstein go supercritical and wipe out a continent

fuck disney forever but I love kingdom hearts until the day I die, this is the moral quandary that will rend me in twain.

this is not a profound post it's because @wintgenstein posted a picture of elsa frozen photoshopped to look like every girl I met in brooklyn

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