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Honey!! Did you wash my “Twink Magnet” tank top? I can’t find it anywhere and the Uber will be here in 5 minutes!!

🎵This is my fight song
American wife song🎶

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“Oh, sweety,” Obama scoffed. “They’re called ‘toots’ now.”

Every time I make a bad post, eugen presses a big red button that delivers a mild electrical shock to me

in 2019, we are happily divesting from the ill-conceived fantasy that we will ever be normal, or that being normal was ever desirable in the first place

Hosting a jackbox game for fedifolk put me in an incredibly good mood that lasted into this morning, definitely gonna do that again.

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I think I like streaming. It's fun to have friends around to play games. Still makes me think I'd be a good DM for tabletop.

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