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I like Joker because I too wish to make friends in high school and work together with all of them to kill God

making a burnt offering to miyamoto before my switch in hopes of getting this damn update to start

have I mentioned today that I really love persona 5?

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guy in the park stoically trying to do lunges while also entertaining his hyperactive and incredibly affectionate Bernese is what I'm living for

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I really wish my schedule was more consistent so I could hit the gym more regularly, but the nature of my job means that, no matter when I start, I could get home any time between 4 and 7.

Thanks to the machinations of Sakurai, the phrase “let’s smash” now has two very distinct meanings.

mastocon will have two cuddle puddles. one will be cute n cuddly, with everyone in fuzzy pajamas looking at the stars and talking about their crushes and secret hopes. the other will be a writhing mass of fuck-meat

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