This is the expression I make when someone posts hog on the timeline

@knives @caymanwent replying to yourself like this means you need to get into an argument with your fursona

@Ace i discovered you can switch instances super easily

@caymanwent oh yeah! extremely valid, I need to sneak onto yifflife once in a while to holler at the locals about how good they are

@Ace I'm going to try to separate the two sides of my online life a little bit more; furryposting on here, everything else on radtown

@caymanwent understandable honestly! I’m really glad you came back around these parts too, you’re really great cay ;~;

@Ace heh thanks, though I didn't really leave because I follow half of snouts and imported my follows, so my home timeline is pretty much the same

@caymanwent ohhhhhh I didn’t even think about that ahah

@Ace there's just more sides to me than crow and I'm still exploring other ways to express that

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