me: I wonder what it's like on the unfurry part of the fediverse, I bet it's normal and everyone talks about sports

the rest of the fediverse: wonder what it would feel like for lightning mcqueen from the cars movie to lick my knees

me: actually i don't feel safe here

@caymanwent as the resident normie i tried talking about sports on the fedi for a while

it didn't really work out

@caymanwent some people do HORSE SPORTS

presumably ON THE MOON

@ebeth please don't get my hopes up like this! I'm sensitive

@caymanwent i was about to tell you on a different thread that cars porn also exists but now i feel like that's too much excitement for one day

i should probably just follow you so i can spread these revelations out over a reasonable period of time

@ebeth thank you I'm overstimulated and increasingly upset at popular culture

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