Each time I see that article about the 5 hour workday, I’m struck by a vast feeling of longing for what I could accomplish if I worked 9–1 to earn a living and could spend the rest of my time learning, creating, and enjoying my limited time on earth.

@caymanwent 40 hours of work is what we needed to win WWII and we forgot to take a break afterwards.

Oh yeah, the local lefty tards here are proposing something like that if they win

It's something along the lines of 5 hours by sharing the workload

Pretty neat concept but like always they will absolutely fuck it up

@caymanwent I feel like 5 hour workdays would also open up more flexibility for schedules, like, jobs could just have people coming in and out whenever the wanted and since shifts are shorter it would be more feasible and would probably actually lead to more coverage for things overall

@caymanwent That potential is exactly why they keep you enslaved for half of your day and exhausted for the other half

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