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Good morning comrades. Let's rise and grind according to our ability and get this bread according to our needs

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Hey there comrades! I'm Niocal, a Canadian anarchist. Any pronouns are fine

.I like birds, RPG's, worldbuilding, SF, and linguistics. I have studied Irish, Welsh, German, Russian, French, and Japanese!

fat shaming 

*sees a bird*
*sighs wistfully*
i love u flappy fuckers

need art of my fursona in one of those jackets u put dogs in so they don’t get scared during thunderstorms

solar system map wip 

Sexual repression is a gateway to fascism. It's called bourgeois morality for a reason.

Online Maoist: "Sexual promiscuity is a gateway to fascism, Lenin encourages lifelong virginity."
Please read Reich's "The Mass Psychology of Fascism."

The "I hear you're a racist now father!" scene from Father Ted but it's my youtube recommendations after I accidentally click on a South Park clip

positive comment about current revolution discourse 

Shitty Gamer Take, Twatter :birdsite: 

lewd commie shitpost 

hey, enbies? I love you, yes you, YOU! I love you

I think we should create a leftist alternative to YouTube. Perhaps one that utilizes Communist imagery while still playing off YouTube’s well-known brand. I’m thinking something called maybe RedTube. Idk, open to suggestions!

something something umberto eco talking about how fascism is constitutionally incapable of evaluating the strength of its enemies

thinking about that game that came out x years ago that was basically red dawn but with north korea because nobody wanted to piss off china, so they instead created fiction about a country with the GDP of a city in ohio invading america

A relationship without trust is like a cellphone with no service
All you can do is play games.

i had a need for cute fat women bein magicians and so i am satisfying that need

I need more gay upbeat sci-fi in my life where everyone is gay and also the story ends on an optimistic note

@Aleums there's all kinds of work that needs doing in a revolution. It's not limited to people who can physically and mentally leap into a WWI style trench

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