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Good morning comrades. Let's rise and grind according to our ability and get this bread according to our needs

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Hey there comrades! I'm Niocal, a Canadian anarchist. Any pronouns are fine

.I like birds, RPG's, worldbuilding, SF, and linguistics. I have studied Irish, Welsh, German, Russian, French, and Japanese!

Peter Thiel is my favorite billionaire because he's what the villain would be in a particularly hamfisted communist cyberpunk novel, but he exists in real life

if you were looking for a place to host videos on the fediverse, you can do it on my instance:

i can afford to give you quite a bit of space.

if you're an anarchist/communist/anti-capitalist etc, i would love to show you solidarity and host your videos

pass this around, if you like. i have been struggling to find people to fill up all this space on my VPS hahaha

'magic history powers' is my new favourite way to describe historical materialism

Paul Atreides, holding his newborn children: im the Kwisatz Daderach lol

Jehovah Witnesses came by my house today so I got to namedrop Advaita Vedanta, Marxism, Godbuilding and Christian socialism in one conversation :blobcatuwu:

like any good Marxist, I fucking hate Karl Marx and his plethora of just extremely uninformed reactionary takes.

Avian horny 

i will end all animosity between feet weirdos and paw weirdos. at the end of the day we all wanna get stepped on

There's something a lot of historians fuck up with the late 1910s revolutions, even leftist ones, and that's communicating the scale of just how large a movement this was at the time.

Capitalist historians didn't want to show how close to collapse capitalism was, Socialist historians didn't want to overshadow the soviet union, so they both end up just not really discussing all of the other workers councils that were popping up all over at the time.

NSFW furry femboy history 

at mastocon we do more than just fursuiting; we TF into our fursonas. we then make our own human sonas and don elaborate suits resembling the human form

NSFW furry femboy history, slurs in the comic pages 

Notes on the early history of furry femboy art (a rough draft) 

Help my cat is smoking a blunt and shooting dice with some raccoons and it keeps telling me to fuck off

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