Got back to Elite last night although my HOTAS went mental inside a station last night and cost me a ship. Anyway, me n @[email protected] have our lil star tours operation back up and running :3

I really shouldn't be thinking about Junji Ito stories before I go to bed :|

I actually had BBC Parliament playing earlier today because I wanted to see for myself just how mental things have got here. I missed the bit where the fella knicked the golden mace though.

Really could do with Monkey Dust coming back. I feel that the current climate is perfect for it.

Apparently someone has been doing some kind of apocalyptic fireworks display in Coleshill and I can hear it all the way in Coventry o.o

What the hell is with the ENORMOUS fireworks going on constantly!? It sounds distant but huge and has been going on for ages.

Went to Bletchley Park and the Computer Museum today with @[email protected] Really fascinating stuff!

New Stellaris expansion came out. I thought I'd have a little look see how it's changed... 6 hours later and my butt has gone numb and it feels like it was just an hour that I played.

Good for dealing with rush hour traffic.

I liked today's Doctor Who. Despite the heavy prosthetic makeup I still immediately recognised Kevin Eldon.

I've not slept very well in days and it's really starting to affect me now. It's so easy for me to slip into really negative headspaces when I'm sleep deprived.

Watching this week's Apprentice and it's one of the most uncomfortable hour's of TV I've ever seen.

Can YouTube please stop putting whiny entitled guys complaining about She-Ra and Doctor Who in my video suggestions please? :|

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