Didn't record my much better earlier runs but I am getting better


Watched the finale of this year's Hunted and it was complete bollocks. I really enjoyed season 3 too

Played Beat Saber and now I desperately need VR

Today has been fucking awful so far

Been practicing drone flying on the sim a bit more. Starting build up some muscle memory and able to fly for a while now without binning it. Even doing some tentative flying through things n tricks.


If I didn't know Kamen Rider Kuuga aired in 2000 I would swear it was from the 80s with the prog rock soundtrack, the way it's shot and that the grongi all look like 80s music video rejects when they're in human form.

Watched the last episode of Lupinranger vs Patranger. Gonna miss that show. It was really solid and I always though the big fight scenes were always choreographed so well. I have to say I'm not at all excited for Ryusoulger especially since I'm currently watching Kyoryuger.

I got a drone racing simulator but after 3hrs I still can't even complete a few gates in a row. Anyone actually fly/race drones? Cuz I'm really struggling. My muscle memory is hardwired to flying fixed wing aircraft so yawing to turn is so counter-intuitive.

Man, the new Williams F1 livery is really uninspiring :(

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OXIDE is my webcomic about space exploration, horticulture, isolation, survival, community, capitalism, and hope - and you can start reading it today, right now!


I hadn't realised quite how shit DAB radio is in the UK (cuz I don't listen to it but I was still surprised it's so awful)


Took a passenger to Tau Ceti on a little tour then jumped in the Mamba and got into some scrapes. You shoulda seen the other guy.

I had fun doing combat stuff in Elite yesterday so I decided to get something sexier than the Vulture for shooting stuff. Here's my shiny new Mamba <3

The theme song for Kamen Rider Decade is basically the tokusatsu equivalent of the "club singer" round from Shooting Stars. Gackt's performance is ridiculous.

This has to be the most niche thing I've ever posted.

Watch Russian Doll on Netflix. It's outstanding.

Oh yeh, and Rachael Maclean's "Too Cute" was on at Birmingham Museum and was awesome

Had a really nice long weekend entertaining a visitor from Hungary. The highlight for me was the Transport Museum in Coventry. Hadn’t expected it to be so cool.

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