I watch YouTube a bunch and this is always the page I go to first: youtube.com/feed/subscriptions

Does this not work for most people? Do people just not use this? I keep hearing about "ring the bell for notifications". Why? There's a subs page for all the makers you sub to.

What We Do In The Shadows was brilliant. I miss the NZ setting of the film but the TV show is a great spin off.

Omg my fitness has dropped dramatically in the last month. It's been a month since I played Beat Saber. I usually play it for like a good 40-50mins at a time. I got 4 songs done and I'm a wreck D:

I finished the main story in Spider-Man. That was SO good!

I learned that the german word for exhaust is auspuff and I love it so much.



Ah yes, Netherlands song I gave the score of "dull as fuck"/30.

My score for North Macedonia on my scoresheet was "can't be bothered". I can't remember what it even sounded like

"She showed up". Probably the biggest praise you could give it, Graham.

There is absolutely no energy going on now. The entire thing has ground to a halt.

I would not encourage my overseas friends to vote for the UK this year :(

This is the best interval thing they've ever done for Eurovision! <3

It's super hard to choose a fave this year. I liked Russia, Norway, Iceland & Azerbaijan

Ah yes, it's the end of the singing, bring on the wicker man and begin the burning!

Australia's entry reminded me of old British Airways ads :D

Oh, I liked Azerbaijan! Was actually grooving to it

Aw man imagine having to follow Iceland's song with this

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