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Never actually did one of these.

I’m Willow, I’m transfemme and live in Leicester, which is a shithole, doing a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology, which is a complicated way of saying I study medicine without being an MD. I Code, game and run when not working.

Also sort of a practicing witch; among other stuff I read runes well and tarot badly.

Also I’m autistic spectrum and have personality/identity disorders. I’ll elaborate one day, but for now just don’t encourage Nef when she’s out.


Bitcoin is the opposite of Warhammer 40k Ork vehicles, since the more people believe in it, the more unusable it becomes

Asking For Help, Boosts Okay 

autism ableism 

Amazing how much a simple email address can through things for a loop with divorce proceedings...

Dysphoria, nightmares, cancer mention 

this cat serenely sitting on piles of delicious garlic laid out to cure somehow also manages to exude "enthroned upon a mound of skulls" energy

There’s not nearly enough outlets in modern society for when you have that itch to blow stuff up

toxic femininity is romanticizing the expectations old society placed upon us. the little ways they held us back and belittled us. the way jackie mitchell played better than babe ruth so they banned women from baseball. the way our clothes restricted our very movement because it was socially expected. the way we never talk about womens' contributions to the sciences. the insistence that if a woman is strong, she is not a woman.

do not become a parody in seeking womanhood.

Kinda gross legs 

Non-binary HRT 

Alc, I’m weird 

uspol, new antifa flag proposal 

Reweth made me look at these and now you all have to suffer with me.

Family (- - -) 

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