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Never actually did one of these.

I’m Willow, I’m transfemme and live in Leicester, which is a shithole, doing a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology, which is a complicated way of saying I study medicine without being an MD. I Code, game and run when not working.

Also sort of a practicing witch; among other stuff I read runes well and tarot badly.

Also I’m autistic spectrum and have personality/identity disorders. I’ll elaborate one day, but for now just don’t encourage Nef when she’s out.

Archery is just dabbing before you murder somebody.

Human nature can often be distilled to one thing: witness me

Had another stab at machine sewing seeing as mum had all her fabric and stuff out for Xmas stuff, just about managed a lined bag thing.

And managed to make the zip neat-ish too I think :3

@BarkingPoints Adjacent Note and Fun Fact: The guy who scored that "You Wouldn't Steal A Car" anti-piracy ad was never paid royalties for their work. :blobcattea:

can every bastard doing an event in the UK stop putting them all in fucking london

Hello! I am opening up for cross-stitch, knitting, and crochet commissions. I'm currently between jobs and working to get a new one, but until then, the extra cash flow would be helpful.

And honestly? I just love crafting. I just want to make things for y'all!

(-) alc 


Is it just me or is Fedi just one big dunk on anyone who isn't physically or mentally capable of being an activist and doesn't have access to materials, makespaces and a background in a craft to be deemed acceptable in that regard, or alternativly be somewhere with a big queer scene so you can tick all the boxes here of being the right kind of person, even if it's because you'd ge your head smashed in in the shitty farming town you're stuck in?

Feel kind of pointless here to be honest.





Tired: Disaster Lesbian

Wired: Thötterdämmerung


lookin' for someone to commission me to draw their cute fursona finish this weekend doot doot :annoyingdog: 🎨


HRT, GRS mention 

need a commission this month to pay my phone bill asdfghj

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