@clipclopboom moss lawns are amazing but they have to be pretty evenly laid out or you get much more obvious dips and hills in the terrain

@clipclopboom I love moss lawns
Living in the forest, I have one at my place that's pretty extensive (though one end is starting to also grow grass since it's in a clearing), and it's such good ground cover

@clipclopboom @eel
Can I walk on the moss

If you're not taking the moss and burying it I don't think the carbon gets locked down

@clipclopboom @eel Apparently "scotch moss" can take it. It needs extra hydration in the summer, so maybe that's the best time to pull it up and bury it (if doing that in a less-than-industrial scale makes any sense)

@faun @clipclopboom
what happens to the carbon if you don't bury the moss?

@eel @clipclopboom idkkk actually but I feel like the effect of it will be pretty small if it isn't ever repeated.

It's conceivable that what happens is (if the humans ever lapse in maintaining it) it eventually gets grown over by shrubbery, starved of sunlight and rots. I'm not sure what the chemistry of rotting is.

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