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I suppose I'll get around to this.

I'm unemployed and (obviously) can't get a job during all this shit going on so here's my paypal. Don't feel obligated to donate but, if you want feel free to throw me some money.

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that nap earlier is gonna have fucked up my sleep schedule innit

anyways I've been playing civ all day and feeling like shit and now I just want to yell

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Seeing people argue about percentages of billionaires wealth they give away and shit its like

you all realize this is pointless right, I dont give a shit how much they give away that money shouldn't be theirs in the first place.

They give away *stolen money* to causes that *they* deem deserving of it, most of which don't help the people they made that money on the backs of at all.

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What people don't get is that it literally wouldn't matter if Bill Gates gave away every last cent he had to charity, he shouldn't have even been able to have that much money in the first place.

Shit doesn't get solved because a couple billionaires decided to give away their money they stole

almost fell asleep imagining rolling down a hill in a big snowball

the weather is rly nice and I'm happy winter is finally ending (supposed to get a little cold this weekend still but hopefully no more snow)

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