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also i dont mind if new people who arent friends or mutuals wanna come in and interact or anything!! just, wanted to get away from the 500 followers and have a more sorta down to earth experience kinda thing uwu

just gotta take the SMOSH battery out of your motherboard

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jerma comes to the groundbreaking conclusion that: gamer chairs are just car chairs

my new steven crowder parody: change my tire.

i just sit beside my car that has a flat tire with a sign that has some random opinion on it and below it it says "CHANGE MY TIRE"

so i just get a free tire change

steven crowder change my mind? more like change my diaper am i right?

i mean, kind of manufactured to be that way. come back next time to see how it ends

as much as i dont like all the superhero movies and shit i wanna go see the new avengers sometime when it comes out

idk why avengers is just addicting

i like how ever since kim hid in jerma's closet for like half an hour just to scare him he's gotta do kim checks every vr stream

my favourite cut of titanic, where the boat explodes into a million pieces then leo noclips around the boat trying to find julie, then throws her into the chimney of the exploding ship

ive rewatched it like 5 times now and i die each time

like easily the best bit jerma has ever fucking done its so good

the fucking slam dunk into the chimney

this whole titanic bit is so fucking hilarious

i think obs picked up my mic for some reason even tho i didnt have that as recording

hey how do u compress something in handbrake a lot

like.. which settings compress more and which compress less

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