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alcohol silly 

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Princess Farmer tries her best to listen but sometimes she's too gay

u ever see a video and go "huh thats interesting i'll watch it"

then the person starts talking and you just immediately close it

wee now i have to wait another fucking entire day to fight him again

if you get stuck inside skeletron you literally just lose. theres literally nothing you can do and you just die

you can maybe grappling hook out but most of the time thats nto gonna do anything

love how boston pizza is a canadian restaurant

actually it makes me feel like im terrible at the game but

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saucy art, breast growth, hormones 

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horny art, hyper hourglass, body slider 

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oh u want to mine a little?

heres like 14 enemies that can all kill you in 2 hits

terraria spawns WAY too many enemies

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