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also i dont mind if new people who arent friends or mutuals wanna come in and interact or anything!! just, wanted to get away from the 500 followers and have a more sorta down to earth experience kinda thing uwu

the nardwuar interview with eric andre is like watching 2 ai's try to communicate

when i woke up i heard buzzing and was like oh shit a wasp got in again

but they were just, buzzing around stuck in between my 2 windows. went to make smoothie and it was gone so either wasp gone or wasp is hiding in my room somewhere

adobe i updated flash like a week ago u dont have to open a tab thanking me every time i open firefox

"u better not play trash"

*puts on 10 hours of hyena sounds*

I'm cold and in bed but I only have very small blanket cuz others are in wash

reposted this cuz one of those weird spam bots replied

i wonder if that ancient thinkpad i had is still layin around somewhere

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