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So You Keep Getting Nonbinary Pronouns Wrong: A Practical Guide

*slipping on THEY and THEM brass knuckles*

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So since it seems there's a chunk of folks doing / ...

Hi world! I'm Haze. [she/her, they/them] I'm a lot of things, among them: super trans, queer as heck, a neophyte witchy ritualist, dabbling cookiesmith, skittish, fighty, a big dork about tabletop games, and liable to cheer you on no matter what.

My main OC is Ros, a ringtail cat who gets gayer and more ringy all the time. She's followed my own transition and I love her to death.

Anyway, hi!!

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Do the best you can in the moment.

That means with what you know and what you feel and what you can do. That's what the best is. That's what doing good is.

That's all it comes to.

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I just kinda want to just do a story of /after/ badness. Not when it's active or looming, but the part where you learn to thrive. Something hopeful.

Small laments: Wanting to write a game about healing from trauma and learning to thrive and wanting to poll friends on their experiences to help write it, but being wholly unable to breach the topic because I don't want to risk making them confront those experiences.

Hitting the comfortable identity answers lately has felt good. There's probably a sona shift looming with these but for the moment things are fitting well. <3

The first Pride was a riot.

Trans women of color started the fight for queer liberation fifty years ago.

Today, queer immigrants, people of color and sex workers still face police violence.

No cops at pride.


I think I kind of want to start wearing the graysexual/grayromantic thing a lot more openly on my sleeve. Stumbling into flirts or date-asks is always hard to respond to because they all but never compute? I also feel like a butt for maybe sending bad signals as a result of... just not parsing these things.

Managed to do VanCAF with only a few instances of getting overwhelmed by crowd anxiety!

We got so many good good queer comics and zines and pins!!!

Now to scurry back to sweet peaceful quiet and wind down with em

if i ever get asked about my gender i'm just going to eat it like a dog caught with something they know you're going to take away

You have two wolves. The governmen-

wait what do you mean they're supposed to be cows

This has been percolating in my head all day and it's definitely happening now

Hit with a sudden inspiration to craft a little tabletop thing after reading some Belonging Outside Belonging games.

Maybe I'll revive some old thing I wanted to craft about queer positivity and fit it to that shape.

Shout out to when people draw black cats as just cat shaped voids with big yellow eyes

For as much as I'm feeling and expressing myself more in the positive lately, I seem to keep falling over backwards into dark music that sticks in my head.

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A moment later.

@ThingQuail: ...oh whew. I thought you were looking up because they were coming through the ceiling.

Me: Well, yeah. Under the front door.

We just had ants start showing up.

@ThingQuail, looking at the front door: Yep, that's where they're coming from. We've got bad sealing.

Me, immediately looking up: Nope, looks fine to me.

oh no, i think i'm cementing a cat sona by speaking that thought

current gender: low-poly cat texture mapped with a repeating pattern of stylized eyes

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