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So You Keep Getting Nonbinary Pronouns Wrong: A Practical Guide

*slipping on THEY and THEM brass knuckles*

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So since it seems there's a chunk of folks doing / ...

Hi world! I'm Haze. [she/her, they/them] I'm a lot of things, among them: super trans, queer as heck, a neophyte witchy ritualist, dabbling cookiesmith, skittish, fighty, a big dork about tabletop games, and liable to cheer you on no matter what.

My main OC is Ros, a ringtail cat who gets gayer and more ringy all the time. She's followed my own transition and I love her to death.

Anyway, hi!!

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Do the best you can in the moment.

That means with what you know and what you feel and what you can do. That's what the best is. That's what doing good is.

That's all it comes to.

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screenshot call outs are something I wish we left behind at Twitter

There are of course some good uses of it (like to aid warnings that could put people at risk ie predation) but otherwise it's like... Just nasty. Yes some people are shitbags. We get it. You don't have to make us look at it for a HAHA GOT EM moment.

If you're gonna do it regardless - you know, we are all adults and I can't do shit about it ... Please put it behind a CW. You're maybe making someone see a user they blocked.

Brilliant moment of the day: taking off my glasses to take a bath

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@datastains The year is 2050

Datastains see a child playing a game on their retinal implants

"Those kids sure do love the Wii" she says

- I keep calling our switch "the wii" by accident
- Tendency to replace names for things with doofy diminutives
- I only want to play puzzle/explorative/VN games
- Huge urge to bring plaid back into my wardrobe while still being lowkey witchy
- Desire to become an unstoppable force of baked-goods-ing and foist them on everyone I know and love

I think I'm turning into a Weird Gay Mom at an unstoppable pace now

This is also suddenly reminding me of the time I misrecollected "yippie-kai-yay motherfuckers!" as "hidey-ho motherfuckers!" and proceeded to yell it as a heroic battlecry in voice chat

LB: If only @ThingQuail picked up my habit of referring to objects I blank on the name of as "[action]-do"s in turn

I.e. half-asleep me always calls spoons stirry-dos in the morning

I think it's great that I've trained @datastains to use my ridiculous terms for veggies (peps, tommy boys, buttnut squash)

Focus group coordinator: here is a photograph of a regular person. What do you think?


Focus group coordinator: now here is that same person, transformed into a werewolf. How do you feel about –

Me: *clapping, hooting, pounding the table with both fists*

I swear, every time I lapse off regularly listening to music my mood dips incredibly.

That, or listening to it just flushes away whatever disquiet was nipping at me.

Okay. For sure I'm doing a Blades in the Dark game soon.

Where I'm up in the air is if I wanna keep to the base system or try out one of Band of Blades or Girl by Moonlight.

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