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So since it seems there's a chunk of folks doing / ...

Hi world! I'm Haze. [she/her, they/them] I'm a lot of things, among them: super trans, queer as heck, a neophyte witchy ritualist, dabbling cookiesmith, skittish, fighty, a big dork about tabletop games, and liable to cheer you on no matter what.

My main OC is Ros, a ringtail cat who gets gayer and more ringy all the time. She's followed my own transition and I love her to death.

Anyway, hi!!

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Do the best you can in the moment.

That means with what you know and what you feel and what you can do. That's what the best is. That's what doing good is.

That's all it comes to.

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me, playing headless horsewoman:

I'm here to be gay and have a head and I'm all out of head

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i will never get tired of making witch hazel jokes

Goddesses help me, I'm needing to defend accounting for timezones in an international program

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Trans people are so fucking powerful. Just gotta say it sometimes. Like, it's really hard, pretty much all the time, but we're still here. Simply continuing to exist is one of the most god damn radical statements anyone can make and I'm so proud of us

Also hi good morning how are you

(She had peacefully fallen asleep on the couch)

" @datastains didn't respond to a pun, I've gotta go check on her."

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Life is good and family and friends are wonderful <3

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Same energy:
- People who wear giant backpacks on transit that are an entire extra person's thickness
- Pickup trucks that can't fit in any parking space without sticking out several feet

Just now:

*handing the Switch controllers to my partner while getting up to check on the hot water for our drinks*

"Hey, can you get Eevee on the TV while I see how the tea be"

Username swapped in acronymic homage to looming things

:drake_dislike: "I got an RSI by casting spells"

:drake_like: "I've got sore, sore wrists"

:drake_dislike: "I got an RSI by casting spells"

:drake_like: "I've got sore, sore wrists"

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