Looking forward to a pleasant dinnertime on Thanksgiving, and then MFF next week!

Just remembered that one guy on FA that took a bunch of people's money for animation commissions and ran, made a big ol' sob post years later about not being able to work on stuff because of the massive queue, and now immediately blocks anyone who tries to get a refund.

I'm really enjoying the new Watchmen series, but goodness the discourse surrounding it is something I should start actively trying to avoid.

My fiance showed me a new fox pokemon, and I think it is a major improvement over that terrible gray one with the awful nose.

Sketch commission for @demoweasel back in October of their character Mina! TYSM again!

It's a shame that you can't mute individual people in Telegram group chats, because god damn.

Maybe I'll feel better after some exercise.

It sorta feels like one of those, "Ah yes, it turns out I'm actually a hack fraud" days.

All taken, folks! Thanks for your interest.~

I've got a couple more slots for icons this week if anyone's interested! They're $30-$35 a piece. DM me if you're interested!

Attention: Brian Swords of York liked these photos.

🎶 Fifteen miles on the inguinal canal 🎶

Something special for this : my next partial is going to be of one of my lady characters, so I've had to get started on acquiring stuff to help with crossdressing! Kiyone is more than happy to show off the results.

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