Haha, Shang Tsung is in MK11, and he is modeled after and played by Cary Tagawa.

Every time some headass mentions the "marketplace of ideas" I can't help but picture a Sharper Image store.


Lucky 13 - dig it
Zima Blue - amazing
Blindspot - solid
Ice Age - this shit AGAIN?
Alternate Histories - no
Secret War - kinda

I watched more! Additional ratings:

Sucker of Souls - sucker of ass
When the Yogurt Took Over - fun
Beyond the Aquila Rift - seen it
Good Hunting - fantastic
The Dump - alright
Shape-Shifters - good
Helping Hand - almost
Fish Night - nope

I started watch the Netflix robot show! So far:

Sonnie's Edge - eh
Three Robots - decent
The Witness - kinda bad?
Suits - wonderful

Thinking about that time I called sergals "wedgelords" and a guy got VERY UPSET.

I kind of wish the Orphan kept doing its creepy sob instead of the comical cartoon-character-whose-ass-is-on-fire yowls during the fight.

Orphan of Kos was a tough bastard, but it ended up making the final bosses seem like pushovers.

Bloodborne is now complete. Damn good video game.

PAX East is comin' up soon; it's gonna be a lot of fun!

I've got two more icon slots for my stream this Thursday! If you're interested, toss me a DM!

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Maybe it's other reasons I have floating around in my head that I'm not sure how to properly put into words.

Maybe it's just because I don't like to draw fan art.

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