@micolithe might have a name similar to one who is the host of nightmares, but this happy pup will do the exact opposite of haunting your dreams.~

My bafflement over someone reading NITW as fascist propaganda knows no bounds.

Who's goin' to BLFC and wants to play some board games?

I need to make a little cash to get my fiancé a birthday gift, so I'm taking a couple of icon slots for those who are interested! They start at $30. DM me if you're interested!

I have never seen a video game comic that has made me laugh.

I came across an enlightened centrist with a Rorschach avatar and a certificate of authenticity for the katana he bought.

I need to decide what spandex to take to BLFC.

It is true that Pikachu Cop is not the first good video game movie, and that is because no video game movies are good.

Happy white people not knowing what they're celebrating day!

It's hard to muster any sort of enthusiasm for kemono hero art when every time I take a closer look it's some shota garbo.

"My uber driver worked on DIsney films and knew DIsney herself so sad like comment subscribe."

What's her name?

-deadass silence-

People are sassin' me today and it's annoying the fuck outta me.

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