Chapo Trap House is on Talking Simpsons again uggggh.


Taking a couple of icon commissions starting at $35 each! If you're interested, hit me up in a DM.

I'm pretty done with talking about stuff I like in group chats, being ignored, and then being called out as "only talking about stuff [I] hate" whenever I voice a dissenting opinion about something.

I finished Blasphemous and it was very good.

More bad things happening to bad people 

Kiyone is having more fun posing in suits that don't belong to her!

Schadenfreude towards someone awful~ 

Time to wake up and see the big announcement!

The discourse on modern cartoon design is so fucking dumb.

I've got a few slots open for icons! The start at $35; if you'd like one, DM me!

The weird boner I've seen people have over the baby yoda is very puzzling.

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