It's probably a good idea to not get on Raymond's bad side.

I mean, I can understand why a lot of people are happy that FA is down but like, that's where I get a majority of my customers, so...

I coulda sworn I had some people who showed up on the timeline as muted, but I don't think Mastodon has an easy way to check that.

"Crunch Bandicoot" sounds like a euphemism for someone elbow dropping your balls.

If you don't want to be "mistaken" for a Nazi, don't make your fucking fursona a god damn Nazi.

I propose we change the phrase "birth name" to "nom de womb."

I wish I could just turn off dreams when I sleep.

Guy in a spandex chat posted ABDL stuff and I'm like, why

this is not the chat for this

Whatever happened to that goofy-ass Sierra Nova furry artist brand?

A spacey commission for uainesionnach!

If you'd like to see the full-res version of this piece and over 150 other digital artwork files I've created over the years, head on over to my Patreon and join in at the $5 level!

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