Milkshake vendors gettin' dollar signs in their eyes!

It's a good thing I look great in her costume, otherwise Agent Teal might have a problem with me showing it off.

Watching Kraft ruin food by vomiting garbage all over it.

Got some icon commission slots open! They're $30-$35 a piece. DM me if interested.~

Jenny agrees that doing your ferrands in-suit is both efficient and liberating.

New Rocko is what it says on the tin. It was good... not great.

Oh, we can play any game you want, so long as you're fine with losing.~

I haven't seen a joke run into the ground this quickly in a while.

Tuca & Bertie isn't renewed for another season but hey at least we got like 30 seasons of Marvel shit people hate-watched apparently.

It is surprisingly difficult to find good non-mega-hetero vixen art.

It's probably a good idea to not get on Raymond's bad side.

I mean, I can understand why a lot of people are happy that FA is down but like, that's where I get a majority of my customers, so...

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