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I'm experimenting with patreon! I've got a few tiers set up, and I wanna see if I can get any more interest than before over there. I've gotta pay my way for rent, so any support is appreciated! You can find it here:

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commission for nine of prog! I dunno anything about megaman but they seem pretty cute

want something like this? here's my commission info:

hey guys so we got hit with a bonus $200 or so that we gotta pay and we're in no situation to do so

gonna try to be working my ass off with commissions but my queue is almost empty! If you have any interest in commissioning me, please take a slot here:

and I'd really appreciate any support you can throw my way on patreon, too:

Be sure to share with friends too, if you're able!

postybirb didn't put a content warning on that one, sorry friends


icon commission for crocogatordile! it's spooky season and the skelemans are out

at the beginning of the month, I closed my discord server for various reasons. I only meant to do it for a couple days, but it went many weeks without a new invite link

but no longer! you can join here

some drawing requests I streamed! thanks to everyone who came

if you'd like to request some art, consider supporting me on patreon! all patrons can submit requests for me to draw in stream

spooky times are almost upon us, which means it's time for spooky candy

wanted to let you guys know, I'm starting an account on twitter for short, mostly unfinished comics. you can check it out at

while I may crosspost a few here and there, because these aren't intended to be finished works, most will only be posted to that account. It's mainly an exercise to help me get more stamina for longer projects, so maybe I can write something cool some day that's worth being posted on all my accounts. hope to see some of you ther

commission for aero of his boy aurex! he's getting a little chunky

nsfw, spambot warning 


why no bottom ramen if thereโ€™s top ramen

icon commission for bleatboy of a deer friend

want something like this? here's my commission info:

commission for cherry of a soft nugget

want something like this? here's my commission info:

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