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I've been maining sceptile in pokken cuz he's a good boy

he needs a rest too sometimes tho

quick doodle to shake the rust off

stuck sleeping on the couch until we can secure a new apartment and I'm just a little too big for it

decided to try some watercolor since it was 101 degrees out and water was evaporating real quickly

it has some problems but I still like how it turned out

sorry for repost I hecked up on the description

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It's pride month again friends! Over the course of June, I'll be taking 9 icon commissions, and 3 portrait commissions, all themed around Pride. Icons are $5 off my normal price, and for the portraits, adding an extra character comes free of charge! If you're interested, take a look at my page to find the forms:

I hope you all have a good pride month! Be yourselves, and be fabulous. πŸ³β€πŸŒˆheart

ms paint commission for unity

two best frens

want something like this? here's my commission info:

some lovebirds

very inspired by ebonyplume's recent drawings!!!

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no one but my boyfriend has commented on the fact that my profile says I speak gay and that's troubling tbh

thinkin about lunch

drew this in a test stream last night! gonna try to do more of those again, I miss streaming

I'm gonna have prescription sunglasses finally!!! no more running around with two pairs of glasses on like a dork

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