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@doggo all you have to do is open your mouf and [the microsoft sound.wav]

I just want to be a walking Windows 95 aesthetic

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two wolves

chillin in a hot tub

5 feet apart cuz they're not gay

Can't believe I'm going to see @dogo in two weeks!!

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@doggo Different product lines are colour coded and named for those colours.

'Spell iCup Orange'

I'm gonna start a brand of Eco friendly paper and plastic cups and the brand name is gonna be "Spell iCup" and printed on all the cups

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Just realized I forgot to make a haircut appt before my trip and now it's too late.

Guess I'll just be


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Wired: calling ur bf “todor zhivkov jr the 2nd, arizonian summer child of the coming revolution”


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One of those people who try to sign you up to a charity on the street just attempted to stop me by saying ‘hello, are you friendly?’ and all I could think of to say in response was ‘no.’

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Please enjoy these splash screens for an imaginary series of software

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I'm trying out transition contacts rn! They're interesting to say the least, and don't darken as much as transition glasses do.

Please listen to this, and listen to the whole thing. Thank me later.

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