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My Nintendo Switch FCs!

Switch: SW-4674-3840-9504
SwitchBru: SB-0382-6501-7548

looking for pals on escargot please hmu!

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To improve the appearance of visual elements, Windows will automatically adjust your screen resolution.

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autism acceptance and access 

no one:

me: installs esxi and immediately forgets the root password

yo VDI is really cool hands-on, and session-based VDI is pretty neat too! probably way less resource-intensive that way.

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techposting again 


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*in voice call with @doggo, he shows me this*

me: ⌛ ... i don't know what a pypy (ready peepee) is, but.. - wait

me: ⌛ goes on tirade for 30 seconds while josh is losing it

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i havent been on here in a minute whats up!!

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couldn't help but flesh out lil konsti's puppyBook G3 and his example of cute computing

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tonight's sketches:

* konsti gets to see what it's like to be tall
* hickory just wants to say hi
* hickory thinkin bout.. boys prolly
* konsti's new pupyBook G3!

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