@tom you could say its gonna shred the competition


two anthros rolling things down the road, the smaller idk-what-species-they-are-sorry-but-they-have-a-spherical-nose has a trash-bin-like cylinder and the lizard dragon has a silver box with wheels; a banner above says "mac pro downhill derby"

@sobsz ahah i cant blame u for not getting their species. they're somewhere between dog-like, marshmallow, memory foam, and just plain plushie

@rezmason i had to double check this jfsklf I WISH THAT WERE REAL

@dogo Aw my bad, it was a gag I made to say I appreciate you 😅

One of these days though. The tail of the universe wags towards justice

@dogo The one on wheels is going to veer into the middle of the road, fall over into its side, and the trash can is going to bounce right over it. Trash can wins.

@dogo I'm picturing a very sad G4 cube that just sits at the starting line

@k turn it on its side and roll it down like a square wheel

@dogo box will have better acceleration but once there's any pebbles or cracks my money's on the round one

@dogo see now the the "bin" mac pro is a trick bet, most of the time itll roll away and get stuck somewhere despite it seeming to have the more solid shape for downhill racing

now the g5? that's on a straight road path to victory right there, the weight of it will carry it along and the fixed wheels will keep it nice n lined up

plus its own by lizard friend, and lizards good,

@avie @dogo but a slight bump in the wheels' path might cause the machine to tumble onto its face, causing a slowdown and potential emotional pain for its owner if they paid for the device and its $700 wheels from the manufacturer

I think it's anyone's game

@avie everyone mentions the trashcan swerving on its path but the wheels on the other fella swivel and theyre a ton smaller, i feel like itd be major unstable

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