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Hey! i'm doop and i'm an artist from tumblr (doopcity). Im 25 and a rly gay guy who draws cute furry men. i have a huge amount of art to upload here, so you'll probably be seeing it. Some of it is nsfw but i'll cw appropriately

other than that? i rly like music (mathcore, some tech death, metalcore, emo, punk, grunge, post-hardcore idk the genre names of them all). i play some games but not all.

so far my stay here has been rly positive and i'm excited for the future

video games have given me an unrealistic expectation of how many ladders i will have to climb irl

I just let my hand guide me for this one, and this is what it gave me

sexy carwash pinup pic 

slightly suggestive, hot dog suit 

at my funeral i'm gonna request to have every durhamrockerz koth ytp played back to back and that'll be the entire service

mad scientist cackling in their laboratory: "yes! YES! finally, i have created a furry that can draw mecha!"

i always look so stern in selfies. it's cuz idk what face i'm supposed to make

selfie, NEW SHiRT! 

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if anyone’s gonna ask me what mastodon is i’m just gonna show them this picture

*comes out of the parallel universe portal with the Solatorobo Anime animated by Madhouse*

here's Adryan! they're the 5th member of Lance and Noah's band

alcohol mention 

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wearing his dress. I just love giving this man cute outfits to wear i could do it for a living

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