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Hey! i'm doop and i'm an artist from tumblr (doopcity). Im 25 and a rly gay guy who draws cute furry men. i have a huge amount of art to upload here, so you'll probably be seeing it. Some of it is nsfw but i'll cw appropriately

other than that? i rly like music (mathcore, some tech death, metalcore, emo, punk, grunge, post-hardcore idk the genre names of them all). i play some games but not all.

so far my stay here has been rly positive and i'm excited for the future

the artifacts in the previous image are intentional

I'm really happy with how Jun's neutral sprite came out. Hopefully the body language gets "I don't want to be here" across

guess it’s true what they say about gays and not knowing how to sit on furniture properly

drawn scars and injury (not sure how to tag this actually) Show more

Beastars anime is 99.9% gonna be CG animation so i'm still excited but also with a huge dose of 😬

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nsfw, butt, balls, and benis Show more

nsfw, butt, balls, and benis Show more

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