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Hey! i'm doop and i'm an artist from tumblr (doopcity). Im 25 and a rly gay guy who draws cute furry men. i have a huge amount of art to upload here, so you'll probably be seeing it. Some of it is nsfw but i'll cw appropriately

other than that? i rly like music (mathcore, some tech death, metalcore, emo, punk, grunge, post-hardcore idk the genre names of them all). i play some games but not all.

so far my stay here has been rly positive and i'm excited for the future

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and Wolf O'Donnell hanging out, being gay, and painting each others' nails

i still don't like the look of the CG, but it makes for really nice looking stills. Just when it starts moving...there's problems imo

making OCs? i think u mean Intro to Gay Design

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@doop players who rapid-fire all three of their green shells in a row with a corner coming up are braver than the troops

people who can hit other players with the green shell in mario kart are more accurate than any military sniper

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