draken booped
draken booped

I did drawings 2 day

A fakemon for savrin330 on devart
N a toxtricity sona!!!!!!!!! For @draken !!!!

Got a commission of best new Pokemon playing on an arcade stick omgg

Done by one of my favorite fgc artists @[email protected]

About to get a fucking Toxtricity Sona Jesus fucking Christ

nsfw big cocktail table 

Happy bday to the best bf and worst shit poster ever @Duende :valid:

draken booped

my boyfriend has known @hyperlink for twenty minutes and has already roasted him

draken booped
draken booped

If I were a man and you a dog/
If I were a man and you a dog I'd throw a stick for you

draken booped

Emoticon nonsense, probably not screen reader friendly 

anybody who doesnt pick lenny is objectively wrong

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