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I'm suddenly reminded of the Megalovania × Bloody Stream remix

Thinking about my friends and

oops, all love!!!

i think reddit's main issues could all be fixed if "upvotes" were changed to "pupvotes"

GOOD DAY what's upper puppers and non puppers

@eclairspark Good evening fellow lgbtql

(The second l stands for lucario)

(Present) I yeet
(Past/Imperfect) I was yeeting
(Past/Perfect) I yote
(Pluperfect) I have yought
(Future) I will yeet
(Future perfect) I will have yought

I finished catching up with Beastars last night and this is my verdict: PLEASE READ BEASTARS OR WATCH THE ANIME IN OCTOBER IT'S WORTH UR TIME

Shoutouts to all my nonbinary pals out there
Y'all ROCK
We all ROCK

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