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seein a lot of red mage here guess everyone agrees I'm the magic sword boy™

Can I trade my cooking for horny art like come over to my house and I'll cook soup for you in exchange for you drawing Acacia lewd as hell lmao

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Cashier: did you find everything you needed today?

Me: no actually *gestures to lean in closer and whispers* don't make any sudden reactions or anything but do you know where the Tusk Of Ganesh is also I don't need a bag for my milk, thanks

hyahahyeahyahya hey urameshi i drew myself as a kitty cuz yukina said she likes kitties

Urameshi: kuwabara thats a fucking fursona

saw someone do the "what do you see me as" meme on bird site but with rpg jobs and now I'm like I wanna do that so of the jobs I'm either playing or plan to play in FFXIV do you see me as red mage, black mage, paladin or samurai

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my partner keeps bugging me literally every day to play FFXIV with him and while I appreciate the fact that he wants to do something we both enjoy together the more he asks the less I want to play, it's extremely that comic where the person is like I'M MOTIVATED TO DO THE THING and someone's like "don't forget to do the thing!" and they're immediately like nope not motivated anymore lol

arin hanson swiping everything off the table at the beginning of every power hour episode is a physical manifestation of what it feels like when you're hyperfocused on literally anything at all and someone keeps asking you if you wanna do something other than what your brain has arbitrarily decided you have to do


one of my favorite bands since around 2011 went on hiatus a few years ago then announced they were coming back but I didn't know when they would put new stuff out. Just went to their spotify on a whim and they released a new song a few days ago and IT'S SO GOOD

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