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MMMMMMMMGHHHHH was excited to order a cheap(ish) lil pedal I wanna try tonight but my paycheck was smaller than I thought it would be (like some hours might have been missed small) and now I'm super disappointed hgghh I was so stoked to try this shit out blegh

speaking of FWA I don't wanna shit in anyone's cereal but

honestly the most impressive thing about them getting mystery skulls is like, the logistics of getting an artist that big, otherwise idk, I feel like a lot of the DJs play more interesting stuff than MS?? I'd pick foxsky over MS any day

just realized the FWA dj submissions are open and I panicked to get one in but before hitting submit I realized I don't know if I'm doing BLFC AND FWA or only BLFC and I'm fuCKED UP, I haven't missed going to, or playing at FWA since my first set in 2014 and it feels like a tradition to party with all my friends there that I don't wanna break but like... I've also played 5 years in a row and that could be room for someone new if I don't go. idk I wish BLFC and FWA weren't so close!!!!!!! fuck!!

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lydia drew pat as a cowboy and I'm sweating

oh right I mentioned spoiling the 1st song for the 2nd plasma cutter album even though the 1st album isn't even out yeah huh......



I was like WELL OK THE FRUIT OF THE LOOM LOGO NEVER HAVING THE CORNUCOPIA LET'S DO THIS IF IT EVER EXISTED MY MOM MIGHT STILL HAVE CLOTHES THAT OLD so I texted her a picture of the cornucopia logo (APPARENTLY MOCKED UP SINCE IT NEVER EXISTED) and all I said was "do you have any clothes that have this logo, like with the cornucopia?" and shes like "no, actually I didn't realize until now that I don't think the cornucopia no there -anymore-" LIKE SHE THOUGHT IT WAS THERE TOO AND SHE'S LIKE 57


everyone's telling me that trophy looks like a butt plug and I didn't even see it until people said something y'all are full of sin, not me

lmao my car's ac kept leaking so I got some R134a that's supposed to stop leaks and put it in yesterday, checked the pressure today and it's actually still full but the air doesn't cool off I fucking love cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need all of you to know right now that I took a bath because my back hurt like hell from work and I put blood orange and lime oil in the water and I smell like organic froot loops now just needed you to know that thanks

I already have a semi hollow body telecaster that rules but I wanna try one of these full size jazz style hollow bodies REALLY BAD sooooo

my tax return isn't gonna be big enough to get the pedals I want and this guitar and amp too so I hope when I finally release plasma cutter it really goes off and a lot of people buy it so I can upgrade my music gear even more

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