good morning I was doing some design practice while taking a bath and I guess it turned into a poster for an album I haven't written yet

I'm seriously losing my shit over how dope this pedal is shaping up to be I REALLY want it when it's done

also god this makes me want to learn how to make pedals more than ever hghghg

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if any of you can find monoprice's 20" ride cymbal that's been sold out for 2 years and send one to me I will give you an advance release copy of the plasma cutter album that still doesn't have a release date and napkin traces of nsfw pictures of my fursuit

I will also do this for a sabian omni crash/ride but it's probably not as good of a deal for you at that point

me: doesn't check snouts for about 24 hours

ace while I'm gone: [really bad family guy griffin brother mashup I refuse to repeat]

[sonic adventure voice] I've had enough

y'all ever see an image that just realy speaks to you anyway hey I'm awake at almost 4am looking at guitars and cymbals I can't afford again

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fun fact, this album (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever by Explosions In The Sky) came out a week before 9/11 so people thought the fact that "this plane will crash tomorrow" was in the packaging was some lowkey conspiracy content lol

if you followed me hoping for some extremely niche shitposts doing political commentary through 18 year old post rock albums today is your lucky day friend

all this soundcloudery is reminding me I still haven't finished my porter robinson flip I started last month but ugh I fuckin hate working on mixdowns and mastering

reminder that I still haven't written anything as hard as 1:20 in my tofuku remix and it's been like over 2 years lol

slams hands on table

when do I get a release date for the plasma cutter album I just want people to hear these dang songs

and hopefully buy them because I'm extremely poor lmao

I think I maybe put off having to sell the guitar again but man I'm sick of this shit lol

Listening to nothing,nowhere. all day so you know it's big sadboy hours

tbh I'd be surprised to find that out because their suits look so much more clean and professional haha

does anyone know who does pawaii fursuits, their suits look really dope but I just realized they're from orlando and don't wanna get milkshake ducked finding out my old abusive roommate is involved with them lol

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