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Realizing like a year into this I never made an intro post SO

Hi, I'm Steve! (I prefer my real name!) He/Him! I'm a musician/music producer, designer, illustrator, house plant enthusiast and amateur perfume maker! I fucking hate fascists and TERFs!!

You can check out my music here:

You can get shirts with my art on them here:

I'm also an extremely good dog! Hello!

sorrel's gonna get to my place after AGDQ and be like "wow he's as bad as I thought, cool"

jesus watching me cook and eat pasta at 3am asking all of the angels if this is what he died for

y'all I'm fucking grand SLAMMING it with the CWs tonight

that CW sure is 3 words you can put together

shitpost body horror 

alright folks time to pack up the internet, we peaked tonight

twitter screenshot about tori 

me: singing and gyrating like a drunken miley cyrus music video to Betrayed By The Game by Dance Gavin Dance in the tub

the FBI agent monitoring me through my fucked up webcam: eh it was better last night when it was to He Is Legend

shout out to this commission I finished back in september tbh

the wonder years are peak crybaby pop punk

the way duende and hyperlink feel about car seat headrest is how Cardinals by The Wonder Years makes me feel

EXTREMELY good lyrics

can we talk about how much of an absolute awkward gay crush anthem There, There is

pup punk :verified: booped
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