had this realization that I think subconsciously my brain treats my life and obligations like some kind of sunken cost fallacy like "no sense in even trying to catch up you're so behind you can't even accomplish anything any time soon"

and like ahaha wow that's uhh not a cool thought

or maybe that's just like, depression lol

good news: the rental company we've been trying to go through approved us on houses up to $2k/mo

bad news: the house we really wanted was $2095/mo lol

good news: we found a cheaper house with a pool although the rooms definitely won't be as big or have as many windows :C

bad news: I still haven't gotten my shit together on application fees so uhh I guess whoaaaa we're halfway there lol

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I was gonna go to bed an hour ago but I've had this riff melody in my head all day and wanted to record it before I forgot it although I feel like it's actually just me remembering the ending of a counterparts song or something

I was gonna go to bed an hour ago but I've had this riff melody in my head all day and wanted to record it before I forgot it although I feel like it's actually just me remembering the ending of a counterparts song or something

fun back story: one of my friends that used to live here worked at a 3d printing shop that went under because apparently it was a huge scam??? like the owner straight up left the country with a shitload of money and debt?? my friend changed the office keycode and gave me this guitar along with a Whole Ass 3d Printer (that kinda sucked and died eventually but still!) and just lol.

I never had pictures of what it looked like brand new but I found pictures online and god it just fucking sucked lol, it was the guitar equivalent of a frat bro drunkenly getting a tribal tattoo. the design made it look like it was just a bar decoration and that ridge that comes in around the A in the text actually made it uncomfortable to play. It's SO much better now that I've done this work to it.

Really need to shift my brain into work mode but hey did a little self care project I guess to unwind from stress dealing with house application stuff last night that took until today to dry: sanded, reshaped and sealed a guitar a friend gave me a few years ago and it looks so much better than when I was initially given it, I actually want to play it now.

there's no guarantee Some Pills Would Fix Everything but god I feel like I'd at least sorta have my shit together if I could get insurance, see someone about my executive dysfunction and get my brain working so I actually can focus on shit that's important hhh

I keep driving myself insane every few years with moving costs bc I always think I'll have more time than I do and then the application comes up and I'm like OH SHIT I THOUGHT I'D HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS LATER OH NO and then have a huge crisis and jesus I'm bad at being an adult ugh. still pushing music sales but in the end I might have to do emergency commissions on top of my queue which I'd EXTREMELY RATHER NOT DO but also like it actually is emergency since we can't stay at our current house

resubmitted application to the house we really wanted but with me and another roommate that weren't on the lease to have the fucked up bad history on the application and it went to final review so we actually might get the house?


but also if we actually get approved that means we gotta do the deposit asap before they give the house to someone else and I haven't had time to work up deposit money hhhHHHHHH

twitter link to my tunes/asking for help 

nsfw/kinda gross lol 

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babys first vocoder goof (maybe will become a whole song on the next plasma cutter album idk still debating, too tired to work on this more for now but vocoding is fun)


"pizza ala bombay" is still funny as hell tbh

(but also at some point I'd probably still try to get an AS53 because they're beautiful for only $300)

I've been wanting a proper hollowbody for ages and I've been considering the ibanez AS53 for years but like for $100 cheaper I could make it look how I want without sanding it.........

what if I just got this and clearcoated it as is as this super pale light color...................

I mean obviously not right now because I gotta worry about moving but after we move.......... fuck

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